VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups On Pearl (Attacking)



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Disable the Defending team to take control of Pearl’s bombsites with ease.

VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups On Pearl (Attacking)

The classic middle lane flanked by two bombsites is the highlight of Pearl. It isn’t much of a highlight when you consider that other maps have a gimmick or two that make gameplay more varied – we’re looking at you, Bind, with your Teleporters.

Nevertheless, Pearl’s classic layout is a breath of fresh air for players VALORANT constantly places on Fracture in Competitive and Non-Competitive queues and veteran CSGO players who have made the jump to VALORANT in recent years.

This guide lists essential KAYO Knife Lineups that you can use to gain information and cripple the enemy team’s defensive capabilities on Pearl.

KAYO Knife Lineup On Pearl Attacking

Pearl A-Main Orb KAYO Knife Lineup

This simple A-Main Orb should help clear out Defending team players attempting to take control of the Orb at A-Main.

  1. From A-Restaurant, aim for the top of this symbol:

2. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

KAYO’s Knife should land on the A-Main Arch and cover the A-site and Orb area:

Pearl A-site KAYO Knife Lineup

Pearl’s A-site is full of corners and cubbies that can be a bit of a pain to clean individually. This KAYO Knife Lineup will make quick work of most corners around the bomb site so your team can enter the area with minimal resistance.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Restaurant:

2. Place the left tip of KAYO’s Knife icon along this line on the dome:

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

When done properly, KAYO’s Knife should land and cover most of the A-site:

Pearl Middle KAYO Knife Lineup

Pearl Middle is an important area to take control of as an Attacker. Successful control of Pearl Middle gives the Attacking team access to connecting lanes towards either A-site or B-site on the map, making Middle a must-secure space for both the Attacking and Defending teams.

Use this quick and easy KAYO Knife Lineup to clear the Mid-doors of any Defender.

1 Aim for the left wall at Mid Doors:

Pearl Art KAYO Knife Lineup

If your team has decided to take control of A-site from Middle and A-Main, this KAYO Knife lineup for Art will be essential, as it clears out the connecting lane towards A-site for your teammates.

  1. Stand anywhere at A-Restaurant:

2. Aim for the ceiling of A-Art:

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

KAYO’s Knife should land in the A-Art ceiling and cover the entire area:

Pearl B-site KAYO Knife Lineup

This B-site KAYO lineup is very similar to the A-site lineup in that it seeks to tag and cover as much space as possible on B-site.

This lineup should cover B-Tower, B-Hall, B-site, and most cubbies within the bomb site.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Ramp:

2. Aim for the bottom of this pipe:

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

Pearl B-Hall KAYO Knife Lineup

The corner at B-Hall is a common spot for Chamber or any player with a scoped rifle, as it gives the Defending team a direct sightline towards B-Long.

This KAYO Knife lineup will tag anyone lurking around B-Hall so your team can walk across B-Long safely.d

  1. Stand in this corner between the boxes at Mid Shops:

2. Aim for the bottom left corner of this lamp:

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

When done properly, KAYO’s Knife should land on top of the B-Hall roof:

Pearl B-Link KAYO Knife Lineup

You shouldn’t worry about B-Link if your team can successfully control Pearl Middle. However, not everything goes according to plan, and if you find yourselves rushing through B-Main without control of Middle, you can expect a few Defenders at the B-Link area.

This B-link Knife lineup for Pearl B-site will completely clear off B-Link and even some of B-Tower.

  1. Stand in this corner at Mid Shops:

2. Aim between this green bulb and white bulb:

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

When done properly, KAYO’s Knife should land on top of the B-Link arch:

Line ‘Em Up

Pearl’s numerous corners and narrow lanes accentuate KAYO’s kit. His pop-flashes are extremely good for clearing highly-contested corners on Pearl, and his Molly can drive away Defenders from key positions on bomb sites. Of course, his EMP Knife is a powerful tool that can alert his teammates of any enemies lurking within the bomb site and disable their abilities for an extended time.

With that said, you can use the KAYO Knife Lineups we have featured above to help clear out the most common positions around Pearl and help your team take control of its bombsites more easily.

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