VALORANT New Agent Fade Release Date, Lore, Abilities, and More


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Omen was not the only spooky ghost lurking around.

VALORANT New Agent Fade Release Date, Lore, Abilities, and More

It is only a matter of days before VALORANT Episode 4 Act 3 comes out, and it looks like Riot is keen on spoiling its loyal fans with new gameplay updates, bug fixes, Battlepass, and of course, a new Agent.

It has been a while since Riot has treated us VALORANT fans to a new Agent, so this time, we are getting a new Radiant Initiator: ‘Fade.


If you have not been to The Range for a while, you must have missed Riot’s recent juicy lore content around the in-game training map in Patch 4.07.

Spoiler Alert: If you care about experiencing VALORANT’s developing lore yourself, then now is the time to fire up the game and explore The Range for yourself.

One of the first things players will notice upon entering The Range is a new open doorway leading to a small office. 

image 163

You will notice a peculiar white hat that unmistakably belongs to Cypher – the VALORANT Protocol’s head of intelligence – and a glowing yellow circle on top of the laptop that indicates an interactive element.

Upon accessing the laptop, a voice transmission automatically plays out what seems to either be an ongoing radio transmission or an audio recording of a recent mission.


Based on the audio transmission, VALORANT Protocol Agents Sova, KAY/O, Chamber, Neon, Cypher, and Breach have traced the Blackmailer’s whereabouts to an off-the-grid warehouse in Turkey, where the Blackmailer (Fade) is currently hiding. The team eventually captured the Blackmailer (Fade) and took her (KAY/O refers to the Agent as a “she”) in for interrogation.

image 167

You might have noticed a few red envelopes scattered around various maps in VALORANT. With each minor update, Riot Games slowly added and swapped out these red envelopes that feature classified personal information unique to every VALORANT Protocol Agent.

The VALORANT Protocol Agents can not let anyone walk around freely with their personal classified information. And so, capturing the Blackmailer is going to be their top priority.

Fade is presumably locked within one of The Range’s basement rooms.

image 165


Everyone’s favorite VALORANT leaker, ValorLeaks, has been hard at work these past few weeks. 

One of the juiciest pieces of leaked information that has come to their table is a complete list of VALORANT New Agent Fade Abilities, which they shared via a series of Tweets:

Players can get a quick taste of one of Fade’s abilities’ effects upon entering Brimstone’s office in The Range:

image 164

Phoenix and the other Agents are pretty spooked based on his audio message to Brimstone:

image 166


We are pretty sure you are excited to play the VALORANT New Agent Fade. (we are, too.)

Fortunately, the wait will not be too long now, as the newest Initiator Agent is set to release next week, April 26, 2022, along with a new Battlepass, Skin Bundles, and more.

Final Thoughts

Riot has always been amazing at using juicy lore to stir hype for their newest Agents. They have done it again with their upcoming Turkish Initiator Agent, Fade.

Without actual gameplay leaks to bank on, we have no choice but to rely on the lore, leaked abilities, and our imagination to picture what the new Agent will bring to the table.

We are just glad Omen will not feel completely alone anymore.

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