VALORANT: Patch 6.03 PBE Notes


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Four Agents will receive some much-needed hairdo changes.

VALORANT: Patch 6.03 PBE Notes

Patch 6.02 was delayed by two weeks after the devs discovered a bug that plagued PBE servers in VALORANT. Fortunately, the issue has now been fixed and VALORANT is now back to its normal update schedules for Patch 6.03.

Patch 6.03 is set to go live on Valentine’s Day, February 14, which means the update is literally just around the corner but the recent VALORANT PBE has already given players an insight into the changes they can expect to see in the upcoming patch.

We have outlined everything you need to know about VALORANT Patch 6.03 PBE in this guide.

VALORANT Patch 6.03 Changes

The February 3 PBE features minor changes to Agent models. Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru are getting small yet important changes to their character models that will help conform them to the standard vertical range the devs have in place for the entire roster.


  • Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical range.

In case you didn’t know, Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru have been known to be at a slight disadvantage when hiding behind some boxes and other types of cover in VALORANT. Their overall model is a bit taller relative to the rest of the roster due to their hairstyle, which means enemies will sometimes be able to spot them behind cover through a few strands sticking out the edges.

While the devs aren’t giving the four Agents a complete makeover just yet, Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru will have altered hairstyles to reduce their model height and help them hide behind various types of cover around the game more effectively. Check out this video clip showing the changes to the four Agents by REVEN VALORANT.

We’ll have to wait for the official patch notes to drop to learn about the changes in more detail. For now, the Agent model changes are the only documented change coming to Patch 6.03 according to the official VALORANT PBE Reddit thread, making it one of the smaller updates for Episode 6.

Other Changes to Expect in Patch 6.03

Other than the minor Agent model changes coming to Patch 6.03, the devs have also recently announced the permanent addition of the new game mode Swiftplay in the new patch. This is great news for casual VALORANT players looking to get some games in without having to sit down and play an entire Unrated or Competitive match which could last up to an hour per game.

The devs promise to keep a close eye on Swiftplay and add or change mechanics as needed. For now, players can enjoy a shortened first-to-five-round format with most of the Unrated/Competitive gameplay and economic elements intact.

Of course, no Patch is complete without some general bug fixes, so expect those to come with the new patch as well.

Just A Trim, Please.

The devs are continuously working to give players a fair and consistent gameplay experience in VALORANT, as evidenced by the very subtle yet important change to some Agents’ models. This is very important, as a competitive game with very low time to kill such as VALORANT needs to be as consistent as it can be across all its Agents and Maps.

VALORANT Patch 6.03 is set to arrive on February 14, 2023. Keep an eye on your VALORANT client or check out the Official VALORANT website for more up-to-date news on the new patch.

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