VALORANT: Patch 6.04 Notes – Gekko, Performance Updates, and Bug Fixes


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The new patch debuts the newest Initiator Agent Gekko.

VALORANT: Patch 6.04 Notes - Gekko, Performance Updates, and Bug Fixes

Patch 6.04 is live, and with it comes the newest Agent in Gekko and some important gameplay improvements for VALORANT.

Learn about Gekko, his abilities, plus all the gameplay improvements that Riot Games has in store for Patch 6.04 in this quick guide.


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Gekko brings all the typical abilities you can expect from the Initiator class in VALORANT plus a unique gameplay mechanic that allows him to send one of his buddies to plant or defuse the Spike remotely.

Below are Gekko’s official abilities:

Gekko Abilities

Wingman (Q)

EQUIP Wingman FIRE to send Wingman forward seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees. ALT FIRE when targeting a Spike site or planted Spike to have Wingman defuse or plant the Spike. To plant, Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory. When Wingman expires, he reverts into a dormant globule. INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Wingman charge after a short cooldown.

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Dizzy (E)

EQUIP Dizzy FIRE to send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. Dizzy charges then unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded. When Dizzy expires when reverts into a dormant globule. INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.

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Mosh Pit (C)

EQUIP Mosh FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade ALT FIRE to throw underhand. Upon landing Mosh duplicates across a large area then after a short delay explodes.

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Thrash (X)

EQUIP Thrash FIRE to link with Thrash’s mind and steer her through enemy territory ACTIVATE to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies in a small radius. When Thrash expires, she reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Thrash charge after a short cooldown. Thrash can be reclaimed once.

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Improved Frame Latency and Bug Fixes

  • Updated thread synchronization to reduce input latency.
    • Input latency has been improved by ~1 frame for players who meet all of the following criteria:
      • Do not have NVIDIA Reflex/AMD Anti-Lag available/enabled.
      • They have multithreaded rendering enabled.
      • They use VSYNC.
  • Fixed bug where if Sage’s Barrier Orb was damaged while fortifying, it would fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was death during fortification.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities, like Sova Drone that are pushed by the Lotus doors into other players, could continue to push players even after the door stops or the players exited the doors area.
  • Fixed hitch where game mode-related UI is loaded in a blocking manner on game startup.

You can read to full official VALORANT Patch 6.04 blog post here.

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