VALORANT: How to Practice Peeking in The Range


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The Range lacks an important feature that could help players level up their peeking game in VALORANT. We work around that in this guide.

VALORANT: How to Practice Peeking in The Range

Players of all ranks have been in The Range at some point in their VALORANT careers. And while there are a ton of training tools that players can use to train their aim for a VALORANT match, most of these tools are rudimentary and lack the customization that can help simulate other in-game scenarios.

One of the most important training tools that are missing from The Range is a wall-peek option.

In this guide, we will show you how you can work around the lack of a better wall-peek training tool in The Range, so you can take your peeking game to the next level.

The Range

image 202

Ah, The Range, every VALORANT player’s favorite warmup map. We’re sure you come to this place a couple of times a day to warm up while waiting for your mates to enter your party. For what it provides, The Range is an adequate training map for many beginners and veterans alike.

Nevertheless, while the map itself is also useful when trying out Agent abilities and for practicing movement, The Range is best known for its aim-training dummy Bots that players can configure in a variety of positions and spawn sequences.

The training Bots can be configured through four primary parameters. These are:

  • Speed
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
  • Streak
    • Eliminate 50
    • Eliminate 100
  • Bots
    • Strafe
    • Reset
  • Bot Armor

Other settings include an ‘Infinite Ammo’ toggle, a ‘Practice’ mode that fills the entire shooting range with dummy Bots, and mouse sensitivity buttons for adjusting sensitivity on the fly.

image 200
image 201

For practicing your raw aim, flicking, and just overall hand-to-mouse muscle memory, The Range is all you’ll need to lock in before your party queues for Ranked matches.

How to Practice Peeking in The Range

Generally, peeking practice will require some form of narrow cover that will simulate corners and entryways in many maps in VALORANT.

In CSGO, players could hop into uLLeticaL’s training maps and spawn walls to simulate corners that players can use to practice peeking. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in VALORANT for now, so we will have to improvise.

The good news is that some VALORANT players have found a viable workaround for the lack of wall peek options in The Range. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go into The Range:
practice valorant how to practice peeking in the range

2. Spawn as Brimstone:

brimstone valorant how to practice peeking in the range

3. Click on Practice:

image 204
image 205

4. Use Brimstone’s Ultimate Ability on all but one Bot:

image 206

5. While Brimstone’s Ultimate is burning the rest of the Bots, quickly switch out to Sage by hitting F2 on your keyboard:

image 207

6. When done properly, only one Bot will spawn from now on:

image 208

7. Simply spawn a vertical or horizontal Sage wall to practice your wall peeks:

image 209
image 210

Feel free to keep spawning Sage Walls as many times as you like to serve as a cover while you practice peeking. Spawn the Sage Walls closer or farther from the bot to simulate the various distances found in VALORANT maps.


In VALORANT, wall-peeking is the name of the game, and almost every engagement starts and ends around various covers around maps. With that in mind, players must hone and improve their peeking mechanics to frag safely and consistently in their matches.

Through the guide above, we hope that you can practice and improve your own peeking mechanics in VALORANT. Who knows, your peeks might be the only thing keeping you hard-stuck in your current Rank right now.

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