Valorant Sage Character, Abilities, Ultimates and More


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Valorant is a game that offers the possibility for a lot of mayhem and destruction. But what about constructing something? SAGE offers just that.

Valorant Sage Character, Abilities, Ultimates and More

Her ability gives you the opportunity to create ice blocks that are useful both as a defensive shield and as a blocking barricade. Not only that, but SAGE can also heal and straight-up resurrect fallen agents. Let’s explore her abilities in more detail and see why she may be the best choice for you.

Basic ability – Slow Orb

slow orb

The Slow Orb unleashes a sticky substance that slows down anyone that steps on it. Used to limit pushes, the Slow Orb costs 100 credits. Walking on it has the added bonus of creating a sound, meaning it can be used for information gathering as well. However, staying still has no sound effect, so watch out, as you can get jumped on by a patient enemy agent.

Here’s some more strategy – say you’re in cover and the enemy wants to move in on a planted spike. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear them well before they reach for the defuse. Or let’s say your enemy is outnumbered and you’re suffering heavy fire. Put down the orb and organize a tactical retreat. Use SAGE’s healing abilities to save the day.

Some players like combining the Slow Orb with SAGE’s other abilities, namely the Barrier Orb. You can also do some similar tricks – throw the Slow orb on the ground to slow down enemies and use the Barrier to avoid the slowdown effect. Just like all abilities in Valorant, SAGE’s Slow Orb affects your teammates as well. Be extra careful where you plant it and always warn your team beforehand.

Basic Ability – Barrier Orb

barrier orb

This ability is a good all-rounder, helping when you’re on the attack or when you’re defending. The barriers goes up quickly and can block the path of your enemies. It’s split into 3 blocks and each one requires quite a bit of gunfire to be destroyed. It can be blown up, however, so watch out. Overall, it’s one thing between you and your enemies and that can be a lifesaver.

It can buy you enough time to plant, heal your teammates or just take a breather. When you’re planting, a well-placed barrier can give you the cover you need to get the job done. It can also work while you’re defusing. When you have planted, blocking the path of an incoming defender can actually win you the round. Pick a narrow spot that can be covered completely by the blocks. Alternatively, if you’re quick enough, you can herd the enemy into a narrower movement path, making it easier for your team to pick them off one by one.

You can also use this ability to climb. The barrier doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it grows from the ground up, meaning you can climb on it, provided you get the timing right. Use that to reach high places such as the top of crates or windows. The ability is quite long-lasting, so the enemy team will likely know you’ve climbed there. Use that mobility for speed rather than stealth.

Special Ability – Healing Orb

healing orb

SAGE is the designated medic of Valorant. She can heal herself and other agents. Healing classes are something needed in more or less all team-based games, yet they are often neglected. Don’t make that mistake. While playing as SAGE, don’t be stingy with your heals. Help your teammates and yourself. A timely heal can be the difference between winning and losing.

The healing effect isn’t immediate and it can be canceled if you take enemy fire. Take your time with the Healing Orb and don’t rush it.

Healing can be extra useful for aggressive teams. If your teammates are bold and want to push the enemy team hard, it’s a good idea for them to rotate back to SAGE and restore their health. Again, this is a game where damage is serious and it’s quite common to be killed by an agent that has 10 health points left.

SAGE’s heals gives a lot of health, so her ability can actually be the edge you need to win the round. Watch your team’s health and take care of them. Don’t be too prudent with your heals, they have a cooldown and can be restored.

Ultimate Ability – Resurrect

The ability costs 7 ultimate points.

sage Resurrect

Valorant is a one-round-one-life type of game, which makes SAGE’s Ultimate ability that much more useful. Raising a teammate from the dead gives you a very palpable advantage over the opposing team. Not only that, but the ally will return with max health.

You need to be close to the person you’re trying to bring back. As with most other abilities, it’s important to watch your surroundings and pick the right moment. Both you and the resurrected teammates are vulnerable at that moment.

The last thing you want is to give your friend a few seconds and watch you get shot before dying as well.
Use your other abilities to provide that safe environment. Give yourself room to breathe by raising an Ice barrier, then use the Resurrect ability. Or simply wait for a safer moment, which usually doesn’t happen in an area where somebody was just killed. But that’s what makes Valorant such a thrilling game – you know danger lurks around every corner. SAGE is just one way to give your teammates a second chance.

SAGE is an essential agent

Not including her on your team is a huge missed opportunity. Her crowd control skills are next to none and she also heals people. What more is there to want? As with all other agents, you need to talk to your team and create a strategy. Help them so they can help you. Watching a resurrected teammate clutch the match while using your barriers as cover can create a satisfaction few games can provide. So try to have SAGE in all matches.

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