Valorant Sova Character, Abilities, Ultimates and More


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In Russian, SOVA translates to owl. It’s a fitting name for one of the coolest characters in Valorant. Riot’s new shooter is about teamwork and communication, two things SOVA excels at. When used properly, this Russian agent can be vital in both defense and offense. His bow opens the possibility for unmatched precision and data gathering. Let’s see how you can master SOVA and help your team win by using his abilities.

Valorant Sova Character, Abilities, Ultimates and More

Basic Ability – Shock Bolt

The Shock Bolt is, well, a Shock Bolt. You fire the arrow with your bow. A Shock Bolt will cost you 100 credits. It detonates on contact, making a circle of electricity that hurts anyone standing within its reach. If you score a direct hit on an agent, the bolt will stick to them, increasing the amount of damage. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a lot more to it. When you right-click while aiming the bow, you can add two bounces on its trajectory.

You can use bouncing to reach places you wouldn’t otherwise. The most fun thing you can do is hit an enemy that’s in cover. That way you’re not exposed to enemy fire while hurting the opposing team. The two bounces can also be used for more complex combinations. This ability costs 100 Credits

SOVA’s Shock Bolt is affected by gravity, meaning you have to mind the drop-off. It’s simple enough – the longer you pull the string, the more powerful your shot is going to be. Sooner or later, the arrow will lose momentum. You can use that to your advantage by making artillery strikes on far-away enemies.

Once the game launched, there’ll probably be a lot of trickshot compilation videos starring SOVA. Until then, you can use his Shock Bolt to flush out enemies and deal damage. All in all, it’s a useful tool for hurting the enemy team from a safe distance.

Basic Ability – Owl Drone

Valorant isn’t just about shooting people. It’s a team-based game where information can be just as important. This is why SOVA’s Owl Drone can be such a useful ability, provided you use it correctly. The bolt costs 300 credits. Opening up the Owl Drone will put you in a first-person-controlled camera. The drone can fire darts that track enemy agents. When hit, the enemy player will show on your map, even through walls.

While this ability is great, you also need to watch out. You can’t defend yourself when piloting the Owl Drone. Talk to your teammates and make sure they cover you during flight. They can also follow the drone while you’re piloting. That way, you can give them both intel and create a distraction. Enemies might focus on shooting your flying gadget while ignoring your team.

This tactic is useful during pushes. Communication is key – talk to your team and organize. Give them quick reports. Information is power, so use it. But don’t forget that the Owl Drone isn’t invincible, it can be easily destroyed with enemy fire. At the same time, it’s better for your enemies to kill your drone rather than your teammates, so use that to your advantage.

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Signature Ability – Recon Bolt

Yet another SOVA ability that’s extremely useful in gathering information. The Recon Bolt recharges and you can use the ability multiple times. It works similarly to the Shock Bolt – you fire it from your bow. At impact, the RB will start emitting a sonar-like signal wave, tagging enemies within line of sight. This means the bold doesn’t penetrate cover or smoke. Bear that in mind. The recon bolt can also be destroyed by enemy fire.

Similarly to the Owl drone, this ability is useful for providing information. Simply knowing where the enemy is can be extremely beneficial. On top of that, the Recon Bolt can be used as a distraction. The enemies will either have to destroy it or be exposed. This can be utilized in pushes. Coordinate with your team and use the bolt when they are advancing. Shoot the arrow behind enemy cover.

You can bounce the bolt up to two times, another shared trait with the Shock Bolt. Firing from a distance can give you intel even at the start of the match. When you learn the enemy pathways and chokepoints, this SOVA ability can become invaluable, both on attack and defense.

Ultimate Ability – Hunter’s Fury

For the price of 7 Ultimate Points, SOVA can launch 3 Fury bolts. They penetrate walls and cause major damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be hit. Valorant is very much a game where controlling chokepoints and holding a position from behind cover is important. Hunter’s Fury is a direct counter to that strategy. Flushing out enemies is easy when SOVA activates this ability.

Of course, you have to hit something, which is why information is so crucial. Use SOVA’s other abilities to get intel on where the enemy agents are and punish them with your Hunter’s Fury. Using the Ultimate bolts when attacking is especially important. When planting the spike, you can kill anyone attempting to defuse it while you’re safe behind cover. You can see the line of fire on your radar. The wall penetrated everything in the path of that blue line.

As with most Ultimate abilities in Valorant, enemies see a visual warning prior to being hit. SOVA’s Hunter’s Fury is no exception. The opposing team has time to react and get out of the way. It can make them panic and enter your team’s line of fire, making the Fury bolts one of the best weapons to flush out enemies. As with almost all devastating abilities, you need to watch the friendly fire. Coordinate with your team and clear out the enemy agents, no matter where they are hiding.

In the end, SOVA is a smart owl

Use this Russian agent to collect data, distract the enemy and devastate them with its powerful Hunter’s Fury. Knowing is half the battle. Destroying your enemies is the other half, and SOVA can be used for both, making him an all-round great agent.

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