VALORANT: Sova Lineups on Pearl (Attacking)



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Secure your team’s bombsite attack on Pearl with these easy yet effective Sova Lineups on Pearl.

VALORANT: Sova Lineups on Pearl (Attacking)

A slew of nerfs has brought everyone’s favorite Russian Initiator Agent back to Earth 1, suffering reduced Owl Drone duration and less effective Shock Darts for lineups.

Despite this, Sova remains an all-around great Agent to play on just about any map in VALORANT and is still one of the more capable Agents in gathering information around bomb sites – even with Fade on the roster.

Sova will be a bit more challenging to play on Pearl due to the map’s tight corners and numerous alleys. But with the right lineups, you can clear out and lead your team towards any of Pearl’s bombsites safely and effectively, round in and round out.

Sova Recon Dart Lineups on Pearl A-site Attacking

Pearl A-site Sova Lineup

A-site on Pearl is full of tight corners and awkward angles, making site entry a scary proposition for the Attacking team.

This quick and easy Sova Recon Dart Lineup for A-site should quickly work your team’s site entry.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Main:

2. Aim for the lower left triangle in the crane illustration on the wall:

3. One bounce + Max Charge:

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt arrow should land on this wall on A-site/A-Link:

Pearl Art A-site Sova Lineup

If your team plans on taking A-site on Pearl, you will also need to take control of A-Art. Try this Sova Recon Bolt Lineup to clear out A-Art.

  1. Stand on top of this wall at A-Restaurant:

2. Aim anywhere on the ceiling of A-Art:

3. No bounce + Max Charge:

Do not worry too much about messing up this lineup – as long as your arrow lands at A-Art’s ceiling, you can reveal anyone hiding around the area.

Pearl Mid-doors Sova Lineup

If your team thinks about taking control of the B-site, you will also need Mid-doors control and B-Link control. This Sova Recon Bolt Lineup should clear out the middle area so you or your teammate can try and take mid-control.

  1. At Attacker Spawn, stand in this corner:

2. Place the left Owl Drone circle on the upper right corner of the lamp base:

3. No bounce + 1-bar Charge:

When done correctly, Sova’s Recon Dart should land at Pearl Middle and reveal any Defender holding that area.

Pearl Middle Sova Lineup from Mid Shops

The following Sova Lineup is an alternate lineup for Pearl Middle. This lineup lands faster than the previous one and works better for setups where your teammate is in a position to swing Middle Doors off of your Recon Bolt.

  1. Stand in the left corner of the Mid-shops barrier:

2. When the barrier drops, aim for this corner of the roof:

3. No bounce + 1-tap:

When done correctly, Sova’s Recon Dart arrow should land at the Middle and reveal any Defender lurking around the corners.

Pearl B-site Sova Lineup

If your team controls Middle, taking B-site should be much easier. Depending on which part of the map your team is struggling with, you can alternate between middle and B-site lineups to reveal tight corners for your teammates.

  1. Stand in this corner at Attacker Spawn:

2. Place the leftmost tip of the HP HUD Line on the left middle part of the middle cloth:

3. No bounce + 3-bar Charge:

When done correctly, Sova’s Recon Dart should land on the B-site wall and reveal the entire bombsite.

Recon Specialist

Unlike Split before it, Pearl offers a ton of Recon Lineup opportunities for Sova. With proper use of his lineups, you can quickly reveal and clear a path towards any of Pearl’s bomb sites with relative ease.

Add these Sova Recon Dart Lineups on Pearl to your bag of tricks to push away defenders from cheesy angles around Pearl.

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