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At this point, look at the PBE if you want to know 80% of the updates coming to VALORANT sooner.

VALORANT: Update 5.01 Patch Notes

VALORANT Patch 5.01 is here, and it comes with some awesome buff and quality of life updates for some of the game’s Agents.

Most notably, a long-forgotten Duelist finally gets the love they deserve in the new patch, while a few others get some much-needed quality-of-life improvements that will help make gameplay less clunky.

Here is all you need to know about Update 5.01 Patch Notes for VALORANT.

Phoenix Burns Hotter

Phoenix Curveball flash

Phoenix is best played aggressively, and his kit allows him to do that effectively.

Phoenix’s flash is arguably the fastest flash in the game that’s almost impossible to dodge if you are on the receiving end. However, its duration was not very good, and the effects disappeared as quickly as Phoenix could throw the Curveball.

On the other hand, while very good at isolating select spots around maps, Phoenix’s Blaze does not compliment Phoenix’s playstyle because of the long weapon equip-time after casting the ability.

Lastly, Run it Back always felt like a last-ditch ability that gave up Phoenix’s current armor for a full-HP heal after the duration runs out of Phoenix’s projection runs out.

For Patch 5.01, Riot Games opted to buff all three abilities to help make Phoenix play faster in-game. Most of the changes focus on helping Phoenix players get back into the action faster after casting abilities.


  • Flash max duration increased 1.1>>>1.5 seconds;
  • Flash windup decreased 0.7>>>0.5 seconds;


  • Phoenix will equip his weapon sooner if the wall is drawn straight or if Phoenix stops bending his wall;

Run it Back

  • Phoenix will respawn with the shields he had before casting Run it Back.

Yoru & KAY/O Buff


Yoru and KAY/O were likewise given some quality-of-life buffs that will help make gameplay seamless and enhance both agents’ ability to synergize their abilities with the rest of their kit.


  • Zone diameter was reduced from 10>>>8 to better represent the effective damage area of FRAG/ment.
  • Damage applies without a line of sight.


  • Only allies can hear the full reset audio when reviving KAY/O while downed.
    • Enemies will only hear the initial reset audio cue. It works similarly to tapping the Spike on defusing or Ultimate Orbs.

Gameplay Updates

Smurf Detection Feature in the works

We bet VALORANT players reading this right now will be jumping for joy – Riot Games has begun testing a new Smurf Detection system for VALORANT in Patch 5.01.

  • The Smurf Detection system ensures players match up to the correct skill level.
  • NA region will get first dibs on the Smurf Detection before Riot Games rolls out the feature globally.
  • Smurf Detection testing started on July 11, 2022.

Player Collision

  • Improved player collision behavior when walking alongside other players.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where having Raw Input Buffer on caused scrolling issues in the chat or friends list. (Jumps top to bottom).


  • Fixed a bug with Dimensional Drift where the invulnerability effect lags after being cast.


  • Fixed Shock Bolt not damaging enemy traps and other game objects.


  • Fixed a bug where Fade’s Haunt ability reveals enemies hiding behind thin walls.

Shine Bright

Despite being a minor patch, Patch 5.01 features some important Agent and Gameplay updates that will help shape the VALORANT meta moving forward.

The buffs to Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O’s kit are welcome changes that will help make gameplay with these Agents more streamlined and less awkward in-game. On the other hand, the prospect of having a working Smurf Detection system in-game is exciting and will help make competitive queues more balanced.

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