A Complete Guide to Valorant Vandal Skins


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There’s no shortage of Vandal Skins in Valorant.

A Complete Guide to Valorant Vandal Skins

Weapon Skins are probably the most sought-after Cosmetic items in Valorant, as they don’t only swap out the boring matte black default colorway on all weapons in the game. Still, they also add new sound and visual effects to many guns in the game.

One of the most popular guns in Valorant right now is the Vandal, so it isn’t surprising to know that the Vandal also has some of the most extensive skin catalogs in the game.

This guide lists all the Vandal Skins currently available in Valorant.

Vandal Stats

The Vandal is one of Valorant’s most recognizable weapons and the only automatic rifle capable of landing one-shot headshots at any range. The Vandal also features no distance falloff damage, making it one of the best weapons for long-range engagements.

Vandal Stats


  • Type: Rifle
  • Cost: 2900 Credits
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Length 127.99cm
  • Fire Mode: Auto
  • Fire Rate: 9.75 rounds/second
  • Run Speed: 5.4 meters/second
  • Equip Speed: 1 second
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Magazine: 25
  • Reserve: 50 (2 magazines)

Damage Output

  • Head: 160
  • Body: 40
  • Leg: 54

ADS (aim down sights) Stats

  • Zoom: 1.25x
  • Fire Rate: 90% (8.775 rounds/second)
  • 76% (4.104 meters/second)
  • Increased bullet spread
  • Reduced recoil
  • Crosshair follows recoil

All Vandal Skins and Prices

As expected from the most popular weapons in the game, the Vandal has an extensive Skin catalog comprising 55 unique designs. The only other weapon in the game with the same number of skins is Vandal’s counterpart, the Phantom.

  • Altitude (1275 VP)
Altitude Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Araxys (2175 VP)
Araxys Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Aristocrat (1275 VP)
Aristrocrat Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Avalanche (1275 VP)
Avalanche Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Black.Market (1775 VP)
Black.Market Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Champions 2021 (2675 VP)
Champions 2021 Valorant Vandal Skin
  • ChronoVoid (2175 VP)
Chronovoid Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Crimsonbeast (1775 VP)
Crimsonbeast Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Cryostasis (1775 VP)
Cryostasis Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Depths (1775 VP)
Depths Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Ego (1775 VP)
Ego Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Elderflame (2475 VP)
Elderflame Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Endeavour (875 VP)
Endeavour Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Forsaken (1775 VP)
Forsaken Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Gaia’s Vengeance (1775 VP)
Gaia's Vengeance Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Glitchpop (2175 VP)
Glitchpop Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Horizon (1275 VP)
Horizon Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Ion (1775 VP)
Ion Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Luna (1275 VP)
Luna Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Luxe (875 VP)
Luxe Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Magepunk (1775 VP)
Magepunk Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Neptune (1775 VP)
Neptune Valorant Vandal Skin
  • NO LIMITS (1275 VP)
NO LIMITS Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Nunca Olvidados (1275 VP)
Nunca Olvidados Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Oni (1775 VP)
Oni Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Origin (1775 VP)
Origin Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Prelude to Chaos (2175 VP)
Prelude to Chaos Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Prime (1775 VP)
Prime Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Prism II (875 VP)
Prism II Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Reaver (1775 VP)
Reaver Valorant Vandal Skin
  • RGX 11z Pro (2175 VP)
RGX 11z Pro Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Sakura (1275 VP)
Sakura Vandal Skin
  • Sarmad (1275 VP)
Sarmad Vandal Skin
  • Sensation (875 VP)
Sensation Vandal Skin
  • Sentinels of Light (2175 VP)
Sentinels of Light Vandal Skin
  • Silvanus (1275 VP)
Silvanus Vandal Skin
  • Team Ace (1275 VP)
Team Ace Vandal Skin
  • Tethered Realms (1775 VP)
Tethered Realms Vandal Skin
  • Titanmail (1275 VP)
Titanmail Vandal Skin
  • VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 (1775 VP)
Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Vandal Skin
  • Wasteland (1275 VP)
Wasteland Vandal Skin
  • Winterwunderland (1275 VP)
Winterwunderland Vandal Skin

Battle Pass Vandal Skins

  • .EXE (Tier 45 Episode 01 Act 1 Battle Pass)
.EXE Valorant Vandal Skin
  • .SYS (Tier 45 Episode 04 Act 3 Battle Pass)
.SYS Vandal Skin
  • Cavalier (Tier 25 Episode 02 Act 2 Battle Pass)
Cavalier Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Immortalized (Tier 45 Episode 05 Act 2 Battle Pass)
Immortalized Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Hivemind (Tier 25 Episode 01 Act 2 Battle Pass)
Hivemind Valorant Vandal Skin
  • K/TAC (Tier 25 Episode 03 Act 1 Battle Pass)
K/TAC Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Lycan’s Bane (Tier 25 Episode 04 Act 2 Battle Pass)
Lycan's Bane Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Monstrocity (Tier 45 Episode 06 Act 3 Battle Pass)
Monstrocity Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Nitro (Tier 35 Episode 03 Act 2 Battle Pass)
Nitro Valorant Vandal Skin
  • Ruin (Tier 45 Episode 01 Act 3 Battle Pass)
Ruin Vandal Skin
  • Schema (Tier 45 Episode 04 Act 1 Battle Pass)
Schema Vandal Skin
  • Starlit Odyssey (Tier 25 Episode 05 Act 3 Battle Pass)
Starlit Odyssey Vandal Skin
  • Venturi (Episode 06 Act 1 Battle Pass)
Venturi Vandal Skin

Which skin is the best for the Vandal?

Skins are cosmetic upgrades and do not provide any advantages to any gun, including the Vandal. Nevertheless, some Vandal Skins will have a more prominent bullet tracer, an engaging kill sound, and a visual effect that can help you play better.

One of the most popular Vandal skins in the game is the Reaver Vandal, which features sharp, ethereal design cues, a clean firing sound, and an energizing kill sound. Many players swear the Reaver Vandal automatically improves their aim just by the looks alone.

A gameplay still from Valorant

Other Vandal skins such as the Elder Flame Vandal, Glitchpop Vandal, Forsaken Vandal, RGX 11Z Pro Vandal, and the Araxys Vandal feature their own unique visual and sound effects that can make playing with the Vandal more exciting.

Are there free Vandal skins?

You can occasionally get free Vandal skin through the Valorant Battle Pass. Progress through the Battle Pass to get various weapon skins, Radianite Points, and other exciting cosmetics.

Evolution: Act 1 Vandal Skin

Weapon Skins are a guaranteed reward for every five levels you complete in the Battle Pass, which means you can get around 10 Weapons Skins in every new Battle Pass Act in Valorant.

How much is the RGX Vandal Skin?

The RGX Vandal costs 2175 VP. It is an Exclusive Tier Skin part of the RGX 11z Pro Collection released in Patch 3.07 and 4.08 Valorant. You can purchase the RGX Vandal from the in-game Store.

A screenshot of the RGX Vandal Skin

By default, the RGX Vandal comes in a lime green colorway, but there are three other color options: Red, Blue, and Yellow. You can upgrade the RGX Vandal to add new VFX, Animations, a Finisher, and a Counter.

Headshot Machine

The Vandal is probably the most used weapon in Valorant right now. While it does not have the same firing speed as the Phantom, its superior falloff damage and one-shot headshot capability make up for it.

The Vandal also features one of the largest collections of skins in Valorant. There are many designs to choose from, so don’t forget to add your favorite Vandal skin to make the gun a bit more fun and exciting to play with on your next Valorant match.

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