How To Call 911 in GTA 5


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Calling 911 in GTA 5 is easy. Here’s how to do it.

How To Call 911 in GTA 5

Los Santos is full of gangs like the Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas, and many others. Gang members typically leave you alone as long as you mind your business. Sometimes, however, one weird look is enough to set some of these hoodlums off, so it’s best to know how to call 911 if things get too spicy.

This quick guide will show you how to call 911 in GTA 5.

The Mobile Phone in GTA 5

The mobile phone has made numerous appearances in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Previously, mobile phones found in-game were an uncontrollable gameplay element, only serving as a mode of communication between two characters.

A screenshot of the mobile phone in GTA 5

Only in Grand Theft Auto IV could you finally tinker with the mobile phone. In GTA IV, for example, you can call various characters, receive texts from others, use cheats, call 911, and even shoot photos (but not save them) using your mobile phone.

Much of the mobile phone’s functionality in GTA IV is retained in GTA 5. This time around, however, you can use the phone to take pictures in-game and share them through Rockstar Games Social Club via Snapmatic. The mobile phone in GTA 5 can also be used to access the internet.

How do you make a call in GTA 5?

All calls in GTA 5 are done through the Contacts app, where you’ll find all the numbers you saved on your mobile phone. You can choose the Contact you want to ring up, and the mobile phone will start the call like you would with a smartphone in real life.

Alternatively, you can access the Dial Pad and manually type in the number you want to call. This method is less ideal, as it takes longer to type in numbers on the Dial Pad versus directly calling a contact via your contacts list. With that said, using the Dial Pad is the only way to use Phone Cheats, access Answering Machines and Easter Eggs, and dial 911.

How to Call 911 in GTA 5

Calling 911 with your smartphone will bring up a list of Emergency Services in GTA 5. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Bring up the smartphone.
Bring up the mobile phone to call 911.

2. Navigate to Contacts.

To call 911, you need to access the Contacts app and use the dialer.

3. Press Square on Playstation, X on Xbox, or Space on PC to bring up the dial pad.

A screenshot of the mobile phone in GTA 5

4. Type in 911.

Dial 911 to call Emergency Services in GTA 5.

5. Press Square on Playstation, X on Xbox, or Space on PC to dial 911.

A screenshot of the mobile phone in GTA 5

6. Pick the Emergency Service of your choice. You can pick the Fire Department, Paramedic, or Police.

A screenshot of the mobile phone in GTA 5

Alternatively, you can search your contacts list for Emergency Services.

A screenshot of the mobile phone in GTA 5
A gameplay still from GTA 5

What’s the point of calling 911/Emergency Services in GTA 5?

Dialing 911 only serves to give GTA 5 a better sense of realism. Calling the Police, for example, does nothing unless other NPCs are already attacking you. The Fire Department responds to fire hazards, but they’re typically very late and arrive on the scene, and then the fire’s already burned out.

The benefit of dialing 911 is getting an Ambulance or Fire Truck delivered to your current location.

Calling 911 or Emergency Services is the fastest way to get an Ambulance, Police Cruiser, or Fire Truck in GTA 5. If you want to get any of these three vehicles as quickly as possible in GTA 5, calling 911 is your best bet.

Call 911 in GTA 5 to get a free Fire Truck.

With that said, the Paramedics are the most valuable EMS in GTA 5 because of the Ambulance. The Paramedics cannot heal your HP, but you can ride in the Ambulance and get some HP back.

Paramedics are the only useful EMS in GTA 5, as the Police and Fire Department is just there to inject some sense of realism into the game and don’t offer services worth your while in-game.

That said, you can have some fun with the other two EMS. For example, you can provoke an NPC to the point where the NPC fights back, then call the Police on them. On the other hand, you can call the Fire Department and steal their fire truck.

911 Emergency

Calling 911 is very easy in GTA 5. The dialing process is very similar to calling 911 in real life. Just bring up the in-game mobile phone, punch in those three numbers, and then choose the Emergency Service you want to call onto the scene.

You can call 911 whenever you like in GTA 5. Don’t expect them to do anything special when they arrive on the scene.

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