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Are you overwhelmed by the enemy team every round on Split? These Viper One-way smokes will force the enemy team to think twice about ever rushing on Split again.

VALORANT: Viper One-way Smokes on Split (Defending)

Aside from Jett, Viper was probably one of the most valuable Agents in the meta before Patch 4.01 came out. The Controller/Sentinel Hybrid role Viper plays often replaced most teams’ dedicated Controller and Sentinel roles. Viper’s ability to play two different positions at once was a valuable asset most teams could not afford to pass up.

Viper can do it all – Solo-defend any bombsite, initiate a retake, and set up a bomb site take.

Unfortunately, Riot quickly noticed how Viper was shaping the meta single-handedly, and, by Patch 4.01, they decided to nerf her to give other Controller Agents such as Brimstone and Omen their chance to shine in the meta.

Despite the nerfs, Viper is still a very viable pick on about any map in VALORANT. Her Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Snake Bite abilities are powerful stalling utilities that should have no problems stopping the Attacking team from rushing onto her bombsite.

This article will teach you how to place and set up Viper’s One-way Smoke on Split with that out of the way. Viper’s One-way smokes can help slow down an enemy team’s rush into every major entryway around Split. Let’s go!

Viper Poison Cloud

Viper’s Poison Cloud is a spherical smoke-type ability commonly seen on Controller-type Agents.

What sets Poison Cloud apart from other smoke abilities in VALORANT is Viper’s ability to redeploy and manually toggle the smoke throughout the round. (there is an 8-second delay when reactivating the Poison Cloud)

Poison Cloud runs off of Viper’s Fuel Bar – a passive ability that “fuels” her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities.

Unlike other smoke abilities such as Omen’s Dark Cover and Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (which both have a predetermined duration), Viper’s Poison Cloud’s duration is purely dependent on the amount of “Fuel” Viper currently has available.

Poison Cloud does not function as a smoke cover, though, as any enemy passing through the Poison Cloud will immediately be inflicted with the “Vulnerable” debuff and an instant 50 Decay Damage.

As you already probably realize, Poison Cloud is a value-packed ability that can serve multiple functions for just about every situation. Knowing how to maximize its benefits will help you solo-defend bombsites when playing Viper.

Split A-site – A-Main One-way Poison Cloud Smoke

The Attacking team will want to take both A-Ramps and A-Main to enter Split’s A-site.

A-Main is where many enemy team players will pass through to A-site. With this in mind, a one-way smoke at the A-Main area can be a powerful tool to slow down the Attacker-side’s push into the A-site.

Viper’s One-way Poison Cloud smoke can help block off vision towards A-Rafters and A-site, so those are two spots you might want to play at when Defending on A-site.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Rafters:

2. Turn towards the A-Main area:

3. Place the left tip of the rightmost HUD line on the upper right corner of this toolbox on A-Rafters:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

This is what the Viper One-way Smoke looks like when activated:

Enemy POV:

Split A-site – A-Ramp One-way Poison Cloud Smoke

A-Ramps are a particularly important area that will bolster the Attacking team’s control over the A-site.

Without A-Ramps, and eventually A-Tower control, the Attacking team will be cornered within A-site without many options for cover on post-plant.

On the flip side, the Defending team’s rotation toward the A-site can easily be cut off by the Attackers once they have control of the A-Tower area, limiting the number of rotational options for the Defenders and making retakes extra challenging for the Defending team.

With that in mind, your job as a Defender is to slow down or stop the incoming Attackers to the best of your ability. As Viper, A-Ramps should be pretty easy to defend with the help of this Viper One-way Smoke for A-Ramps.

  1. Go to the A-Tower side of the Mid Vent area:

2. Stand next to the dinosaur poster on the right wall:

3. Look towards the A-Tower entrance:

4. Look for the vertical line just under the blue LED strip on the wall:

5. Aim just below the dark line under the blue LED strip:

6. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should land in the gap on the wall:

Enemy POV:

Split Middle – Market/Ramen One-way Poison Cloud Smoke

A simple but effective Viper One-way Smoke to deter a Split Middle push.

Middle lanes are used as alternative routes when Attacking bombsites in VALORANT. Middle lanes are highly-contested areas on almost every map in the game.

Middle control gives the Attacking team two routes to work with for the most optimal site entry into their chosen bombsite.

On Split, the Middle area gives the Attacking team a double-entry option for A-site or B-site (A-Main + A-Tower or B-Main + B-Tower) and helps them cut off any further rotations coming from A-site or B-site, respectively.

With this in mind, keeping the Attacking team from taking control of Middle is crucial in denying the enemy team complete control of just about any bombsite on Split.

As Viper, you can easily deter or slow down a planned rush into Middle with this One-way Smoke for Middle Market/Ramen:

  1. Align yourself with this corner of the Vents entryway:

2. Look towards the Middle Market/Ramen area:

3. Aim just above this second wood piece from the left:

4. Then drag your mouse up until it aligns with the dark slit on the roof:

5. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land on this small ledge:

Enemy POV:

Split B-site – B-Main One-way Poison Cloud Smoke

Stop the Attackers’ B-site rush with this nifty Viper One-way Smoke for B-Main.

B-Main rushes are pretty common around Split.

Because of how narrow the B-site Entrance is, the Attacking team cannot afford to walk around in what’s a kill hole for the Attacking team. Defender utility such as smokes, mollies, and traps work best around narrow lanes such as the one at the B-Main Entrance.

The Attacking team will want to rush out of B-Main as quickly as possible to bypass most of these traps and overwhelm the B-site Defenders with their sheer numbers.

With this in mind, our goal for the B-Main Entrance is to slow down or, if possible, stop the incoming Attacker rush.

This simple Viper One-way Smoke should be enough to scare off the incoming Attackers from entering B-site. The Poison Cloud’s instant 50 decay damage is a powerful debuff that can help dispose of enemies quickly – the Attacking team does not want to deal with that!

  1. Stand in this corner between the brown box and the B-site wall:

2. Look toward the B-site Entrance’s ceiling:

3. Aim for this small gap between the steel beams:

4. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should slot in nicely inside the small gap on the steel beam:

Enemy POV:

Split B-site – Mail One-way Poison Cloud Smoke

No Sage? No problem. This One-way Viper Poison Cloud should take care of the Mail area.

If the Attacking team decides to take B-site, expect to face a few enemies around the Middle or Mail area.

This area should not see too many engagements if you have a Sage on your team. However, if you do not have a Sage to cover Split’s Middle area, you can play around the Mail area with Viper’s One-way Poison Cloud instead.

Poison Cloud’s instant 50 Decay damage should help a ton in disposing of any Attackers who dare cross your One-way Poison Cloud. A few Snake Bite mollies should help stop a rush towards Mail if all else fails.

  1. Stand along the topmost stairs of the Mail area:

2. While keeping yourself centered with the topmost steps, stand with your body against this wall:

3. Look up towards the Mail ceiling:

4. Aim for the bottom left corner of the middle square piece:

5. Move your crosshair to the right until it aligns with the white LED:

6. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should bounce off of the LED stripe and land on this small ledge at the Mail Entrance:

Enemy POV:

Split ’em up and knock ’em down

Despite the nerf to her Fuel Meter, Viper is still a powerful pick on any map in VALORANT – Split is no exception.

Viper can split up an entire bombsite on Split with her Toxic Screen ability, making site entry and site defense easier for her team. And, with the One-way Smokes you have learned here today, you can double down on highly contested entryways to ensure that the enemy team can not score a quick round on Split.

That is about it! We hope you enjoyed reading our article on Viper One-way Smokes on Split. You might find our Best Smoke Spots on Split interesting if you liked this smoke tutorial!

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