VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Lotus (Post-plant)


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Learn the best Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Lotus in Valorant!

VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Lotus (Post-plant)

Last year, Riot Games nerfed most of Viper’s abilities through multiple updates, which took away some of the Controller/Sentinel hybrid’s ‘bite’ in-game.

The most obvious change has been directed towards Viper’s Fuel Gauge usage, which drains twice as fast when both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active.

Despite the crippling changes to Viper’s smoke abilities, the devs have not touched Viper’s Snake Bite molly ability too much, only opting to reduce the ability’s duration from 6.5 to 5.5 back in Patch 4.04.

Viper’s Snake Bite remains one of the most powerful molly abilities in the game, with its good duration and decent damage.

Two charges of Snake Bite in her loadout make Viper a force to be reckoned with in post-plant situations.

We have lined up some of the most valuable Viper post-plant molly lineups on VALORANT’s newest map, Lotus. So you can take advantage of Viper’s versatile molly ability to defend the Spike post-plant.

Viper Snake Bite Lineups

Viper’s Snake Bite is the most powerful molly ability in-game regarding potential damage. Snake Bite not only deals decent damage over a few seconds but also applies a unique debuff called “Vulnerable” to all units that come into contact with it.

Vulnerable is simply a double damage debuff applied to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. (includes teammates as well) Vulnerable amplifies the damage received from basically any source in-game, which means bullets will also deal double damage to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. Vulnerability lingers for two more seconds after the molly area is vacated.

Viper’s Snake Bite costs 200 credits each and can be equipped for a maximum of two charges per round. Snake Bite has a smaller radius than other molly abilities in the game, but it has a decent duration of 5.5 seconds.

Lotus A-site Viper Molly

A-site is the largest bombsite on Lotus, but one glance at the bombsite itself, and you’ll find a relatively tiny bombsite when compared to other VALORANT maps.

You can easily line up Viper’s Snake Bite from as far as A-Lobby. If you are playing onsite, you can fire a few easy Snake Bite lineups to cover the most common plant spots on the map.

A-Default Post-plant Molly

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Root:
13 9
14 9

2. Place the left tip of Viper’s Poison Cloud charge indicator on the tip of the hanging leaves on the wall:

15 8

3. Left-click Viper’s Molly:

16 7

When done properly, Viper’s Snake Bite Molly should land at A-Default:

17 8

A-Top Post-plant Molly

  1. If you are defending the Spike post-plant from A-Top, you can aim for the tip of this vine on the wall:
18 7
19 7

2. Viper’s Snake Bite should bounce off the wall and land at A-Default:

20 4
21 5

A-site Hut Post-plant Molly

  1. If you plant inside A-Hut, you can easily fire a Snake Bite molly towards the area from A-Top. Just aim for the top part of the gap towards A-Hut:
23 2
24 4

Lotus B-site Viper Molly

Lotus B-site bombsite has a tiny hole in the roof that players can work with to land molly lineups on the bomb site. The hole is large enough to allow well-placed molly lineups to land on B-Default.

When you’re playing on-site, things get a bit better, as you can bounce Viper’s molly off the surrounding walls on post-plant.

B-Default Post-plant Molly

  1. Align yourself with this dot on the box at Attacker Side Spawn:
7 16
8 11

2. Place the bottom left corner of Viper’s Fuel Gauge on this corner on the roof:

9 13
10 13

3. Left-click Viper’s Snake Bite Molly:

11 9

When done properly, Viper’s Snake Bite Molly should land at B-Default.

12 9

B-site Upper Post-plant Molly

  1. If you end up holding from B-Upper, just aim for the middle of the two pillars on the wall:
25 5

2. Viper’s Snake Bite molly should land at B-Default without too many problems:

26 1

Lotus C-site Viper Molly

Like the B-site, Lotus’ C-site is mostly enclosed apart from a small opening above the bomb site. Fortunately, Viper’s Snake Bite molly can reach quite a decent distance, making it possible to land post-plant molly lineups from C-Lobby to C-site.

Two lineups below can help you cover C-Default and C-Safe Plant on the Lotus C-site.

C-site Post-plant Molly

  1. Stand along the right side of this box in C-Lobby:
1 20
2 21

2. Place the bottom left tip of Viper’s Fuel Gauge on this edge of the wall:

3 18
4 18

3. JUMPTHROW Viper’s Snake Bite Molly:

5 16

When lined up properly, Viper’s Snake Bite should land at the C-Bombsite.

6 16

C-Default Post-plant Molly

  1. Align yourself with the same box at C-Lobby:
27 1

2. Place the tip of the second line of Viper’s Fuel Gauge on this corner of the wall:

28 1
29 1

3. Fire Viper’s Molly with a normal left-click:

30 1

When done properly, Viper’s Molly should land at C-Default:

31 1

Post-plant Maestro

Lotus’ triple-bombsite layout requires agents who can simultaneously cover multiple spots on the map. Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud easily come into mind with their ability to cover multiple sightlines on the map.

Viper’s post-plant game should be pretty respectable on Lotus as well. With the post-plant Snake Bite lineups featured above, you can easily defend the Spike from various post-plant positions on Lotus’ three bombsites.

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