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Learn how to complete the Delivering the Truth Mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Delivering the Truth Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael is no stranger to scams and sketchy organizations. So when he gets tangled with the Epsilon Program, he does whatever the organization wants him to do to find out exactly what the organization is about.

Michael delivers a Velum aircraft to the Sandy Shores Airfield in Delivering the Truth. We have outlined everything you need to know about Delivering the Truth and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Delivering the Truth Synopsis

Michael receives a text message from Jimmy Boston asking him to retrieve one of the Epsilon Program’s ‘sacred vessels’ at the coast near Fort Zancudo. Jimmy tells Michael that a fellow acolyte is there waiting for his arrival. Michael agrees and immediately heads to the designated location.

Michael arrives at the designated location and is greeted by an Epsilon member named Tom and an airplane. Tom tells Michael the mission details – take the aircraft to an undisclosed location to ‘initiate’ Boston and tells Michael to head east.

Michael thinks aloud as he quips, ‘Detailed as ever.’ This refers to the Epsilon Program Members’ tendency to leave out important information in their requests. Tom simply tells Michael that the truth must be gradually revealed until he can understand it. Michael brushes Tom off and takes off on the plane.

Jimmy tells Michael to take the plane to Sandy Shores airfield. Not knowing where to go, Michael calls Jimmy Boston to ask for directions. At first, Jimmy pulls out the same Epsilon style of conversing, but Michael cuts him off, asking for the exact location so he can drop off the plane as soon as possible.

image 275

Michael successfully delivers the plane at Sandy Shores Airfield and is met by Jimmy in one of the hangars. Jimmy asks for the money and the plane. Michael simply answers all his questions with ‘Kifflom.’

Jimmy eventually takes off with the plane and leaves Michael at the Sandy Shores Airfield.

Delivering the Truth Gold Medal Objectives

image 274
  • Touchdown: Land the Velum without damaging it
  • Zondar the Bridge: Fly under a bridge along Lago Zancudo

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Delivering the Truth Mission Guide

Approach the airplane and talk to Tom.

1 19

After giving you vague information about the mission, Tom will send you off to deliver the Velum.

3 17

Get in the plane, then fly toward the bridge.

4 17

You must fly the Velum under the bridge to get the Zondar the Bridge Gold Medal Objective.

5 15

The rest of the flight after the bridge should be smooth sailing. Fly any way you like on your way to the Sandy Shores Airfield.

6 15

Slow down as you approach the Sandy Shores Airfield runway so you do not carry too much speed into the descent.

7 15

Land the plane smoothly to get the Touchdown Gold Medal Objective. After landing the plane, run to Jimmy, who’s waiting in one of the hangars toward the left side of the airfield.

9 12
10 12

Wait for Jimmy to take off. You can use the Epsilon car he left behind.

13 8
14 8

Kifflom! Delivered

The Zondar, the Bridge Gold Medal Objective, will be a bit more challenging since you will likely have to deal with some strong turbulence once you shed altitude to clear the bridge. Nevertheless, it is smooth sailing after the bridge, as you only need to go to Sandy Shores Airfield to complete the mission. Remember to land slowly so you do not damage the Velum. This ensures you can complete the Touchdown Gold Medal Objective.

You can easily get the Touchdown and Zondar the Bridge Gold Medal Objectives in Delivering the Truth in a single run. Just follow the detailed guide we have for you in this article, and you will be on your way to getting both the Zondar the Bridge and Touchdown Gold Medal Objectives.

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