Why Can’t I Enter Range in Valorant


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Wondering why you can’t enter The Range in Valorant? Here’s why.

Why Can't I Enter Range in Valorant

The Range is, without a doubt, the most used map in Valorant. Many players will use it to warm up and calibrate their aim and movement before they hop into a Ranked Match, making it an important game mode.

Unfortunately, some players have reportedly been unable to enter The Range in Valorant. If you’re one of those wondering, “Why can’t I enter the Range?” we have you covered.

What is The Range in Valorant?

The Range is a solo custom game mode or practice map where you can try all Valorant’s Agents and Weapons in a controlled environment. It features an expansive Practice Area, a small target practice section, a Parkour Section, and even Cypher’s small office.

A screenshot of the agent screen in Valorant

The most common use for The Range is likely for target practice using the map’s spawnable Bots. The Range allows you to spawn Practice Bots in various configurations through Start and Practice modes.

The start is a single-target Bot spawning mode where a Bot spawns at random positions within the Bot Practice area. You can set the Bot’s spawning speed using Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. You can also use the Streak mode and set target Bot kills to 50 or 100. Lastly, you can toggle a Strafe mode to cause Bots to Strafe left and right after they spawn onscreen.

A gameplay still from Valorant

Practice mode is more straightforward; all available Bots will be spawned in the practice area for you. Each Bot killed will be replaced with another Bot alongside all the existing bots in the practice area.

A gameplay still from Valorant

You can use any Weapon or Agent in The Range. Weapons can be toggled to have infinite ammo, while Agents will have all their abilities available with no cooldown.

Why Can’t I Enter The Range?

The Range is an important aspect of any serious Valorant player’s daily routine and is likely the first map or game mode that players run to when they fire up Valorant to start the day. It is also the only way to get first-hand experience with the newest Agents in the game without purchasing the Agent beforehand.

A gameplay still from Valorant

Having no access to The Range is a big problem, as not only will you not be able to warm up your wrist/arm in a controlled environment, but you will also not be able to try new Agents when they come out. This was a problem many players in NA/BR/LATAM regions experienced back in 2022.

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Patch 4.0 brought in a new Agent in Neon, a new Battle Pass, and numerous other changes, such as Account Level Ranked Restrictions. The number of players trying to access Valorant simultaneously led to a server overload, resulting in poor framerates and high ping for players across multiple regions.

Riot Games’ temporary fix for this issue was to shut down minor game modes such as The Range and Custom. This is the most common reason players couldn’t enter The Range in Valorant back then.

Sadly, no fix will allow you to gain access to The Range if you can’t enter the Range in Valorant. Riot Games has disabled the feature to relieve server load, meaning only they can reactivate it.

How do you get out of the Shooting Range in Valorant?

You can get out of the Shooting Range through the pause menu in Valorant.

  1. Tap on ESC on your keyboard.
A gameplay still from Valorant

2. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the pause menu.

A gameplay still from Valorant

3. Click on ‘Leave Match.’

A gameplay still from Valorant

4. Choose ‘Confirm’

A gameplay still from Valorant

If you’ve been playing Valorant regularly since last year, you will know that the Leave Match function in The Range has been missing from the game for a while. It is nice to have the Leave Match option added back into Valorant.

Sorry, We’re Closed

Not being able to enter The Range is a problem that rarely occurs in Valorant. The first time it happened was no accident, as Riot Games shut down the game mode to free up server headroom back in Patch 4.0.

Generally, you shouldn’t have problems entering the Range after Patch 4.0, but if you do, then it’s likely that Riot Games shut it down again to fix game issues. Your best bet is to check out Valorant’s official Twitter for updated news or wait until the devs enable the game mode again later.

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