Tears of the Kingdom: In-isa Shrine Guide


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The In-isa Shrine, also known as The Ability to Combine, is one of the first few Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This Shrine will provide Link with a new ability in the game, the Fuse ability. Link must utilize the Fuse ability to conquer the shrine’s many obstacles.

Tears of the Kingdom: In-isa Shrine Guide

Link must reach the shrine’s altar to complete this shrine as with all the other Shrines. The In-isa Shrine may appear difficult, especially to novice players, but it is simple. In this guide, we’ll go over how to complete the In-isa Shrine, find the treasure chest, and claim the Light of Blessing!


Before Link can take on the In-isa Shrine, there are a few things that Link must do. Link must first visit the Temple of Time as a requirement of the “Find Princess Zelda” Main Quest. When Link initially gets to the Temple of Time at the beginning of the game, Rauru, the source of Link’s new right arm, will explain that to enter the temple, Link must first restore the arm’s power.

Rauru will continue that Link needs complete Shrines to do so. After that, a new Main Quest called “The Closed Door” will begin.

Next, Link must first complete the Ukouh Shrine, which is the shrine that Rauru points to in the previous cutscene. After completing the Ukouh Shrine, Rauru will appear again and give Link more information. Rauru will say that Link must complete two more Shrines to open the Temple of Time. Once that is done, Link can head to the In-isa Shrine’s Gutanbac Shrine’s location and complete them!


A screenshot showing the In-Isa Shrine on the map in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can find the In-isa Shrine up a mountain in the southwestern part of the Great Sky Island. This Shrine is just northwest of the Room of Awakening near a large lake. More specifically, the In-isa Shrine is found in these coordinates: 0027, -1503, 1408. The In-isa Shrine constitutes one of four Shrines that may be located on Great Sky Island.

The Ability To Create

Upon entering the Shrine, Rauru reappears and gives Link the Fuse ability. Link can attack an object with his equipped weapon or shield. Using this ability will improve the fused weapon or shield. The player can undo the fusion through Link’s inventory. Doing this, however, will destroy the object attached to the weapon or shield.

The In-isa Shrine acts as a training ground for the Fuse ability. As a result, Link will rely significantly on this ability to finish this shrine.

In-isa Shrine Guide

A screenshot showing the opening to the In-Isa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

This is what Link must do to complete the In-isa Shrine:

  1. First, Head down the stairs. Link will find a Rusty Claymore and three large boulders on a slightly elevated platform. There is also a breakable wall just ahead. Get the Rusty Claymore and equip it. Hold down the L button and select the Fuse ability. Approach one of the large boulders and press the Y button to fuse it with Link’s Rusty Claymore. Approach the breakable wall and break it by attacking it using the Rusty Claymore fused with the large boulder.
  2. After that, continue up this newly-opened path, and Link will find four breakable rock pillars there. A closed door on the northern part and an open path on the right part of the area. Approach the breakable rock pillar on the top left side and attack it with the fused weapon to break it. A treasure chest will then fall. Open the chest to obtain a bundle of five arrows.
  3. Next, head to the right to go to the open path. There, Link will find six plants, each with three Fire Fruits. Near this is also an old wooden bow and a bundle of five arrows. A chest on top of a wooden platform surrounded by leaves is up the wall ahead. Pick up the bow, arrows, and some of the Fire Fruits (or all of them). Hold the ZR button to draw Link’s bow and the up-directional button to select an item to fuse with the arrow.
  4. Use the right stick to navigate and find the Fire Fruit, then let go of the up directional button to fuse the Fire Fruit to the arrow and make a Fire Arrow. Aim at the leaves around the chest and let go of the ZR button to shoot the Fire Arrow. This will then burn the leaves and the wooden platform to let the chest fall. Approach the chest and open it to obtain a Small Key.
  5. Then, head back to the previous room, head up the closed path, and approach the door. Press the A button to open the door using the Small Key that was just acquired and enter to continue.
  6. Continue on the shrine and climb up the ladder. Link will find a Captain Construct surrounded by leaves in an open area. This Captain Construct can also fuse objects to its weapon. Link must defeat the Captain Construct to continue. There are lots of different ways to defeat the Captain Construct.
  7. Link can attack it regularly, fuse a Fire Fruit to his arrow and shoot it on the leaves under the Captain Construct, or fuse the rocks around the room to Link’s weapons to improve them and use them to attack the Captain Construct. There are more Fire Fruit plants in the back right corner of this room and more weapons in the back left corner. After defeating the Captain Construct, it will drop a Construct Bow, a Rock Hammer, a Captain Construct I Horn, and a Zonai Charge.
  8. Afterward, approach the breakable rock wall ahead and attack it using the Rusty Claymore fused with a boulder to destroy it.
  9. Finally, continue on the path, approach the altar, press the A button, and they will give Link a Light of Blessing! The In-isa Shrine is now completed!

After completing the In-isa shrine, a Steward Construct will give Link an Energy Cell on a belt. This item is like a battery that allows Link to power and uses various Zonai Devices. The Energy Cell will recharge when it is not in use.

Again, the In-isa Shrine, also known as “The Ability to Combine,” is one of four Shrines on the Great Sky Island. The other shrines are the Ukouh Shrine, also known as “The Ability to Create;” the Gutanbac Shrine, also known as “The Ability to Rise;” and the Nachoyah Shrine, also known as “The Ability to Rewind.”

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