How to Verify Your Phone Number in VALORANT


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Looking to join the VALORANT Premier? You’ll have to verify your phone number first.

How to Verify Your Phone Number in VALORANT

VALORANT Premier is a new in-game feature that allows players to form teams and compete in pre-scheduled matches for a season and is Riot Games’ way of giving mere mortals a taste of the type of competition that VCT teams engage in, albeit on a smaller scale.

Before players can compete in Premier, they must have a verified Riot Games account, which can only be done by verifying their phone number and linking it to their VALORANT account.

We will show you how to verify your phone number in VALORANT in this quick guide.

Why Should I Verify My Phone Number in VALORANT?

A verified account is one of the requirements for participating in VALORANT Premier. It is likely an anti-smurf mechanic that ensures players can only join Premier tournaments using their main accounts.

Each account can only have one phone number linked to it at any given time, which means players cannot use other accounts in Premier unless they have an extra phone number they can link to the account.

Through phone number verification, Riot Games can ensure players will be placed in the appropriate divisions in Premier tournaments, creating a fair and competitive tournament environment for all participants.

How to verify your Account using your phone number in VALORANT?

You can verify your VALORANT account by clicking on the Premier Open Beta page on the VALORANT Home screen and then clicking on the ‘Verify’ button on the right-hand side of the menu.

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A small menu should show up and ask for your Country Code and Phone Number. Enter the necessary details, then click ‘Confirm’ to move on to the next step.

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You should receive a text message containing the verification code within the next few minutes. Sometimes, this can take up to two hours, so be patient.

Once you have the verification code, enter the code in the box and click ‘Confirm.’


A new window should appear to tell you your account verification was successful. Close the window and enjoy VALORANT Premier’s functionality.

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Players can un-verify their accounts by removing their phone number from their linked VALORANT account. However, players cannot participate in Premier by doing so.

You can un-verify your VALORANT account by entering the settings menu and clicking the ‘Unlink’ button.


Small-scale Tournaments Made Easy

The VALORANT dev team has been working on the Premier feature for quite a while now, but it is still far from displaying full functionality in its alpha form. According to the devs, Premiere is still only at 60% completion right now, but players can already start forming teams and compete against other teams across multiple maps in the game.

Verify your VALORANT account, form your team, and earn those Premier Scores to qualify for the Playoffs!

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