Visage Chapter 2 – How to Solve Painting Puzzle



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Visage will take you on a psychological journey. Despite the fact that you will be feeling like you are running away from something paranormal, you will have to solve many puzzles on the way.

Visage Chapter 2 – How to Solve Painting Puzzle

Unsurprisingly, these puzzles are really hard to solve, especially when something is out to get you. Nonetheless, the painting puzzle is similarly challenging puzzle that we will show you how to do.

Visage Painting Puzzle – Visage

In the chapter 2 named Dolores, you will be solving many puzzles, and once you break a mirror, you will be taken to the basement.

Here there will be a lot of bizarre paintings on all the walls, and some of them will have fallen on the ground. To open a secret doorway, you need to put three particular paintings on the facing wall in the second room.

How to Solve Visage Painting Puzzle:

  1. Go down the staircase to the basement.
  2. Continue forward until you reach the second room, go in. Notice how there will be three paintings missing on the wall in front of you.
  3. Put the first picture on the left side of the wall. This is the first picture:
  4. Take the second picture from the right wall, the first one right of the entrance to the room:
  5. Take the third picture for the middle from the hallway on the beginning of the basement, i.e. the hallway that you see after you climb down the stairs. This is the one you need:
  6. Open sesame! The wall will reaveal a door, and you can continue with the next puzzle.

One thing you can take away from this, is to try as many things as possible. This puzzle might be solved with other paintings as well.

So, whenever you are stuck on a puzzle in Visage, try many things before getting discouraged. The point is to be as difficult as possible. This game is for those who want to break open conceptual boxes!

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