VR Meets Dark Souls in Cinematic Announce for Behemoth


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Skydance Interactive had received critical acclaim with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, but they are set to go the medieval fantasy route with their upcoming title Behemoth.

VR Meets Dark Souls in Cinematic Announce for Behemoth

While we don’t have a look at gameplay yet, we do have a new cinematic trailer that teases the world and the giant monsters you’ll be going up against in VR. Watch this:

While the story for the game is still pretty vague, the teaser does give us a good idea of the bleak tone as well as the kind of weapons that players will have in their arsenal. Of course, you also don’t get to name your game Behemoth without gamers expecting to take on some huge-ass monsters.

Talking to the PlayStation Blog, principal concept artist Dylan Scher had this to say about Behemoth:

“Everyone is struggling to survive in land that doesn’t want them. The opening moments of this game have you attacked, left for dead, and robbed for your meager supplies. There is a clear message here of—if you want to survive, you better be prepared to fight for it. And that’s just the human enemies. When you stare down your first Behemoth, you better be prepared for how huge these things really are, and what it takes to slay one.”

Hopefully we get to learn more about the game soon. No specific release date has been announced for Behemoth but it should come out for the PSVR in the next year or so.

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