Was This a Tekken 8 Announcement?



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Tekken 7 had launched back in 2015, and while we’ve gotten tons of updates and DLC over the years, fans are wondering when the next big step in the franchise is. What’s curious is, we could be getting that announcement soon.

Was This a Tekken 8 Announcement?

As per a teaser announcement at EVO 2022 (via GameSpot) we could be getting something involving one Kazuya Mishima. Check this out:

We don’t really have confirmation on a Tekken 8, but we do have an old clip of Kazuya throwing Heihachi off a clip in the first game—then transitioning into an update cinematic of Kazuya staring at the camera.

The connection to the older Tekken is very curious, and it makes some wonder if this is a teaser for some kind of narrative-driven game, but a lot of fans think that it could really just be for Tekken 8. Tekken is set to hit its 30th Anniversary soon, and the franchise is primed for another big mainline entry.

Until we get something else from Bandai Namco Entertainment, all we really get is the teaser. It’s possible the company doesn’t want to steal the spotlight away from Capcom, which is also gearing up for the release of Street Fighter 6–which is undoubtedly the more popular franchise.

It’s possible we could get an updated Tekken 7 for the new-gen consoles, but with the game almost a decade old, you can imagine that players are ready for a completely new entry.  

Tekken 7 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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