Wasteland 3 Crashing On Xbox – How To Fix


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Wasteland 3 has just come out, and people are reporting that the game is crashing on Xbox and PC. The sequel to Wasteland 2, released in 2014, is a highly refreshed role-playing game that has received a lot of positive feedback.

Wasteland 3 Crashing On Xbox - How To Fix

It is available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Windows, and interestingly on Linux as well. Though, the Linux version is yet to come out.

How To Fix Wasteland 3 Crashing on Xbox?

Most of the reports coming in that the game was crashing were just a few days after its initial release. For some, the game crashes before it starts, and for others, it crashes when players go into their inventory.

According to a Reddit thread, players who play on the Xbox One S have more of an issue playing the game. The crashes are random, and sometimes not existent.

wasteland 3 crash

Nevertheless, people who own the ordinary Xbox One have surfaced, stating that they also have this issue that doesn’t seem to go away.

The issue seems to be when opening a submenu to modify weapons, level up perks, etc. While this is true, sometimes players have no problems when opening a menu. It looks to be when a menu is open while the autosave is running.

Let’s get into the ways which you can fix crashing on Xbox:

  • Reinstall The Game
  • Turn Off Autosave

We still don’t know whether the issue is with the game itself or the particular console or installation. inXile Entertainment hasn’t yet spoken on the subject.

However, the crashes might stem from a broken installation. So, try reinstalling the game and see whether or not the issue is still present. If it is, try method two.

As stated above, the issue has a link between the auto-save and the menu screen. Those two operations have problems executing at the same time.

What many players suggested was turning off auto-save. For many, this seemed to fix the problem. However, be careful about losing your progress.

These are the only leads available on the topic of fixing the crashes on the Xbox. As for an update, developers haven’t yet stated if there will be an update fixing this or whether it is an issue with the game itself or individual consoles and installations.

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