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There is an interesting mechanic in Wasteland 3 if you find all of the Cyborg Chicken locations. As if it isn’t enough to put toasters in the game you can fix and get special abilities, Wasteland 3 continues to surprise with yet other items and companions.

Wasteland 3 Cyborg Chicken Locations | All Locations

The basic premise is that you will get a “special” recruit later on in the game once you find all the chickens. To get the cyborgs, you will need to have the skill Animal Whisperer level 4-5.

Very little information surrounds the now trending Cyborg Chickens of Wasteland 3. No one knows what they are for, how many there are, what you get, why they are in the game, etc. From what we see, we are told that you need to be extra careful with these chickens because they have the tendencies to de-spawn and, unfortunately, die in combat. Let’s find out all locations for Cyborg Chickens.

Locations For The Cyborg Chickens

Throughout the Wasteland 3 community, there is a wide-spread search party for all of the Cyborg Chicken locations. Nevertheless, we have areas for five Cyborg chickens:

  • Ranger HQ Coop
  • The Church in Broadmoor Heights
  • Sans Luxe apartment complex
  • The Bunker below Broadmoor Heights
  • Garden of the Gods at the pit of burning corpses

These are all the locations for Cyborg Chickens, currently known. Whether or not these are all of them or just some, we will see soon enough. Also, we will find out whether it gives any additional bonuses for finding all chickens, for now, and for all these cyborgs, it doesn’t

All you can do with these chickens is bringing them to the Coop of Ranger HQ, and soon enough, there will be baby cyborg chickens.

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