Wasteland 3 Tom Redd – How To Solve Bomb Situation


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The side activities in Wasteland 3 are exciting. Sometimes while traveling with your Kodiak or just sitting in your base, these activities are initiated.

Wasteland 3 Tom Redd – How To Solve Bomb Situation

However, even though these are fun and very rewarding, sometimes these interactions cause other problems. They cause problems like NPCs leaving, a decrease in rep, or any different number of things. Tom Redd sometimes causes an issue, and it can happen multiple times. You need to know how to solve the bomb situation with Tom Redd.

Tom Redd – How To Solve Bomb Situation

Many players report that after killing these NPCs multiple times, Kwon and Lucia leave the Ranger HQ. This is unfortunate, and according to a Reddit thread, it can happen multiple times as the NPCs return.

Tom and Isabella Reed spawn at a particular time in Ranger HQ. After elimination, they drop the Scourer weapon, Tactical Armor, and some more junk. The Reeds initiate this fight.

But how do you successfully beat them without losing Kwon and Lucia?

  1. Go to Tom Redd.
  2. Split your squad into two thirds, with one of the third go to Isabella Redd. A fight will be initiated
  3. Be careful. These mobs are very tanky. But, one upside is that everyone at Ranger HQ will come to help you because the Redds attack rangers.
  4. To not have Kwon and Lucia leave be wary of collateral damage because that is the main reason these two leave.

Once you eliminate both Isabella and Tom, loot them to find the loot mentioned above.

Even though the loot from these mobs is terrible, the thing is that you have to finish this interaction at some point. And because it is a very problematic encounter, it has to be completed this way. We don’t know whether the developers intended to make this interaction the way it is, or it is just a bug, but be careful.

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