Watch High-Level Gameplay for Red Hood in Gotham Knights



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We’ve had character deep-dives for Gotham Knights’ Nightwing and Batgirl, and now IGN is giving us a look at one Jason Todd with Red Hood.

Watch High-Level Gameplay for Red Hood in Gotham Knights

Check him out:

The official description reads:

In the video, above, you’ll see game director Geoff Ellenor explaining that using the game’s multiple skill trees will allow players to create a range of playstyles for their chosen superheroes. In this case, Red Hood has been specced in two ways, with a focus on his Marksman and Brawler skill trees respectively.

Though Batman has a strict ‘no guns’ rule, Jason Todd kind of adapts it loosely by making use of non-lethal rounds. Even if that is the case though, he’s still expected to dole out some high-level damage. If guns aren’t really your thing though, Red Hood can also be adjusted to focus more on his brawler abilities, running down enemies with his huge size and dealing damage close-quarters.

Red Hood also probably has the most unique traversal tool with his ‘ghost platforms’, but I guess the game really wanted something unique for each character, what with Nightwing and his glider, plus Robin with his teleportation machine. I guess when it comes to classic Batman, it’s Batgirl that has the closest kit to Bruce Wayne—I guess that’s why she’s the only one with the ‘Bat’ in her mantle.

Gotham Knights launches for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Oct. 25.

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