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Saints Row was a franchise that kicked off early 2000s, and now developers Deep Silver Volition are gearing up for a sort of reboot of the series.

Saints Row Reboot Gets a New Story Trailer

Just in, we have a new story trailer to get fans hyped for the setting of Saints Row, Santa Ileaso, as well as the various gangs that you have to topple in order to gain full control of the city. Check this out:

While your main character is completely customizable to your preferences, you do have a gang of four that will be coming with you to pull off jobs—with each member having a specific specialty. Together with your crew, you have to gun for supremacy with all the existing gangs—The Idols, Marshall Defense Technologies, Los Panteros, and a fourth gang that doesn’t have a name yet, but they look like something out of George Miller’s Mad Max.

Though it’s not GTA, Saints Row pretty much promises the same kind of open sandbox that the franchise is known for. It should keep you satiated until Rock Star Games finally gives us a release date for the next Grand Theft Auto.

It’s almost time – Saints Row is smashing its way onto your PlayStation 5 and PS4 in just ONE WEEK! Get your eyes and ears around the brand new story trailer, giving you a taste of the Saints’ formation, rivals, rise to power (don’t worry, no spoilers!), and a whole load of explosions. The countdown has begun, time to get Santo Ileso ready!

Saints Row launches on Aug. 23 for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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