Watch the Community Q&A for Evil Dead: The Game



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Sam Raimi had taken over the conversation with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last week, but this week will see the launch of another Raimi-inspired IP with Evil Dead: The Game.

Watch the Community Q&A for Evil Dead: The Game

The game launches this Friday, and we have a new video of  a community Q&A where they give their initial thoughts on the game and ask about player options. Watch this:

As we get ready for this Friday’s launch, Evil Dead: The Game devs answer questions about player roles, balance, replayability, lore, single-player gameplay options, and much more in today’s Community Q&A video. 

The questions get pretty extensive about Evil Dead, not only about the playable characters, but also about the different game modes. Though everyone might want to play Ash at the beginning of the game, the devs have made sure to make every character interesting in their own right. If you want though, there are four Ash options to choose from, and you can have an entire team comprised of different eras of Bruce Campbells.

Though the last Doctor Strange film tried to be as comically violent as the Evil Dead franchise, it really couldn’t hold a candle to the OG Raimi horror IP. No doubt, the game also has its own take on the recently rising slasher genre of games.

Evil Dead: The Game is set to launch on May 13 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 4|5. A Switch version is also being planned for the future.

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