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In true Elden Ring fashion, you might encounter Erdtree Avatar fairly early in your playthrough. This large headless tree stump-looking creature might be intimidating when you first come across it.

How to Beat Erdtree Avatar in Elden Ring

The Erdtree Avatar can be encountered in many locations and many forms, both boss and non-boss variants. These optional field bosses are said to be guarding the Minor Erdtrees and can be found in Weeping Peninsula, the southwest and northeast of Lurnia of the Lakes, Caelid, and the Mountaintops of the Giants. The non-boss variants of the Erdtree Avatar can be found in Deeproot Depths and Lyndell in Royal Capital.

Erdtree Avatar Overview

Erdtree Avatar boss
Erdtree Avatars might be intimidating at first, but they’re easier to fight than most of Elden Rings’ bosses.

Hit Points: Depending on where your encounter with the Erdtree Avatar takes place, it will have a different HP. While the HP of all Erdtree Avatar is not explicitly disclosed, we can estimate that it can go up to 14,992, depending on the variant.

Types of Damage: All Erdtree Avatars deal Standard, Strike, and Holy Damage.

Weaknesses: All Erdtree Avatars are weak to Fire Damage.

Weapons: All Erdtree Avatars wield a staff, which can be used to incur normal damage and cast magic spells.

Parrying the boss: None of the Erdtree Avatars’ attacks can be parried, unfortunately. However, due to the slow nature of its attacks, dodging is made a lot easier.

Main Attack Pattern: Depending on the situation, the Erdtree Avatar will perform a set of staff attacks or ground slam attacks. All of its attacks are slow and easy to dodge, but the caveat is that they all deal heavy damage. 

One thing to note is that the Caelid variant of Erdtree Avatar inflicts Scarlet Rot with most of its attacks, but apart from that, all Erdtree Avatars share the same basic attack patterns, barring one or two special attacks.

Combos: Erdtree Avatar will often perform a 3-hit combo with its staff, starting with horizontal swipes and ending with a medium-range ground slam. In the event of a combo, you can either dodge away to safety or dodge into the boss’ attacks for an opportunity to perform an attack of your own.

Special Attacks:

  • Shards of Light: At some time during the fight, Erdtree Avatar will slam its staff on the ground, creating an AoE blast of magic, creating numerous golden light orbs that will suddenly be launched at you. You can avoid getting hit by simply running the opposite way of the light orbs.
  • Body Slam: This move can easily catch you off-guard if you’re lurking close to the Erdtree Avatar. Its body will light up yellow, followed by a jump and a body slam, which will create a massive Area of Effect. The way its body lights up before the move should be a dead giveaway for you to start running away, assuming you’re constantly keeping an eye on the Avatar.
  • Clone Summon: This move is exclusive to the Mountaintops of the Giants variant of Erdtree Avatar. Once the boss’ health reaches a certain level, it’ll react by slamming its staff on the ground and summoning another Erdtree Avatar. The clone will share the same health bar as the original Erdtree Avatar.
  • Scarlet Rot Stomp: This move is exclusive to the Caelid variant of Erdtree Avatar. Unlike its other attacks, this move will create puddles of Scarlet Rot rather than directly inflicting you with Scarlet Rot. It will limit your maneuverability and hamper your attempts at attacking the Erdtree Avatar. This move is both offensive and defensive.

What’s the Difference Between Each Erdtree Avatar Variant?

Generally, the most striking differences between each variant of the Erdtree Avatar come in the form of stats, such as HP, Strength of attacks, and so on. Attacks and attack patterns are shared among the variants, leaving strategies relatively unchanged from one Erdtree Avatar to another.

Finally, you’ll want to be extra wary of the Caelid variant, as while it shares nearly the same attacks and attack patterns, most of its attacks inflict Scarlet Rot, which can spell the end of your run if you have no protection against it.

Pre-fight Preparation

Beat Erdtree Avatar

Level Up Your Character

Beating the Erdtree Avatar is no easy feat, and when considering how early on you can encounter this boss, it would be wise to level up your character and invest heavily in vigor and attacking stats before fighting it.

Since each variant differs in difficulty to beat, we’ll assign a recommended level for each variant.

  • Weeping Peninsula variant: We recommend that you reach at least level 30 before embarking on the boss fight.
  • Lurnia of the Lakes variants: Level 50
  • Caelid variant: Get to level 60 before attempting this boss fight. Again, be wary of its Scarlet Rot attacks.
  • Deeproot Depths variant: We recommend level 70.
  • Leyndell variant: We recommend leveling up to at least 80 before going toe to toe with this variant.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants variant: Given that Mountaintops is a later game area, you should be at least level 100 before fighting the foul beast.

Go into the Boss Fight on Horseback

As easy as it is to anticipate and evade Erdtree Avatar’s slow and cumbersome attacks, attempting to dodge them can put you in a rather awkward position if it goes wrong. It’s best to run away as soon as you notice the start of an attack from Erdtree Avatar. Since running on foot is not too reliable, we recommend going on horseback.

Equip Plenty of Food for Your Horse

Losing your horse could ruin your strategy and spell the end of your run. That’s why you should be ready to heal your horse at all times.

Summon Spirit Ashes

Since the Erdtree Avatar’s attacks cause mammoth damage, you’d think that spirit ashes would be futile, as they would die nearly instantly. This is exactly why you should summon spirit ashes that can regenerate. They’ll revive after dying and keep distracting the boss for the entirety of the boss fight.

Our recommendation would be Skeletal Militiamen Ashes, which can be obtained after defeating Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village.

For the later and more powerful variations of Erdtree Avatar, we recommend using Mimic Tear Ashes, which can be found in a chest locked behind an imp statue door in Night’s Sacred Ground. When fully upgraded, this spirit ash is near unkillable, thanks to its sheer tankiness. Plus, it’ll use the same weapons as your character, allowing it to exploit the Avatar’s weaknesses, much like yourself.

Wear Some Holy Protection Talismans

Erdtree Avatar’s more devastating attacks typically deal Holy Damage, which is why wearing some Holy Protection Talisman makes the fight a little easier. Any Holy Protection Talisman will do but the Haligdrake Talisman would be our pick. This talisman can be found early in the game, off of the corpse in Stranded Graveyard.

Melee Players Should Equip Ash of War: Flame of the Redmanes

Since all the variants of the Erdtree Avatar are extremely weak to Fire damage, it’s better to equip your weapons with an Ash of War, such as Flame of the Redmanes, as it will inflict Fire damage and easily stun the boss for a few seconds.

Flame of the Redmanes can be obtained by defeating an invisible Teadrop Scarab near Fort Gael.

Melee Players Should Equip Plenty of Armor

You’ll want to have enough armor to survive the assault. This is especially true for the later variants of the Erdtree Avatar.

Casters Should Use Incantations That Inflict Fire Damage

In order to beat the Erdtree Avatar, you’ll need to exploit its weaknesses. You’ll have much better luck defeating the Avatar by using incantations like Flame Sling, Flame of the Fell God, and Giantsflame Take Thee, which inflict Fire Damage.

Casters Should Prepare as Many Flasks as Possible

The worst thing that could happen to you during this fight as a caster is running out of FP. So, take as many flasks into battle as you can. 

Our pick for this boss fight would be Flask of Cerulean Tears, which is handed to players after falling victim to the ruthlessness of the tutorial boss, Grafted Scion. By the way, you can beat Grafted Scion with style and grace later on in the game, if you want to avenge your death.

Fight Strategy

Erdtree Avatar in Elden Ring
Stay mounted at all times and keep moving, even when you’re attacking him.

Be Wary of the Caelid Variant’s Scarlet Rot Stomp Attack

Regardless of whether you’re a melee or ranged player, keep your distance from the Caelid variant of the Erdtree Avatar, both during and after its Scarlet Rot Stomp Attack. It’ll create a long-lasting sizeable Area of Effect around it, which you must avoid.

Make Use of the Environment Around You

All locations of the Erdtree Avatar have obstacles scattered around them, from trees to giant pots to raised land. They can be an impediment, but they can also serve as protection from the Avatar’s long-range attacks.

Maintain Constant Movement Even When Attacking

Avoiding all of the Erdtree Avatar’s attacks should be your main priority, as they can often be run-ending. Maintain constant movement, even when attacking. If you’re a ranged player, you’ll want to hurl your casts or projectiles at it while sprinting parallel to it. If you’re a melee player, it’s best to circle around the boss and spam your quick attacks.

Melee Players

Try To Stay Mounted at All Times

Mounting your horse can take an awfully long time—time that can be the difference-maker between besting the Erdtree Avatar and falling victim to it. Avoid dismounting your horse and try to remain mounted at all times.

Capitalize On Any Openings

Erdtree Avatar’s slow movement will open up numerous opportunities for you to strike. Opportunities that you’ll need to capitalize on, as failure to do so will extend the length of the fight, keeping you at risk for longer.

Maintain Your Composure

If you sustain any damage from the Erdtree Avatar, it’ll be debilitating. If that happens; retreat, heal yourself, and your horse, and regain your focus. Spamming dodge and roll will not help.

Exploit the Boss’ Slow Movement

It’s relatively easy to bait then immediately evade the Erdtree Avatar’s attacks, as they’re easily telegraphed. You can bait the boss into attacking, then immediately counter with an attack of your own.

Ranged Players

Keep Your Distance

As a ranged player, it should go without saying that you’ll need to keep your distance from the Erdtree Avatar at all times. You should actively respond to its approaches by retreating and maintaining a fair distance between the pair of you.

Stay On Your Toes

Keeping your distance from the Erdtree Avatar will trigger an onslaught of long-range attacks from the boss, which you’ll need to be ready for at all times and react appropriately to them.

Be Wary of Your Surroundings

Since you’ll be keeping your eyes on the Erdtree Avatar at all times, you might find yourself bumping into trees, pots, boulders, and so on (You’re on horseback, remember?). These obstacles can prevent you from evading an incoming attack. So, you’ll need to anticipate any blockades and react to them in a timely manner.

Here’s a tip; most obstacles in the locations of Erdtree Avatar can be skipped by double-jumping with your horse.

Alter Your Usual Movement for the Caelid Variant

Instead of running in circles around the boss, you’ll have to run forwards and back. It’ll prove to be a bit tricky at the start, but you’ll soon become accustomed to it.

Cliff Tactic for Eastern Lurnia Variant (Cheese)

As you enter the arena, you’ll immediately spot a nearby cliff on the left-hand side of the arena. Sprint towards it and scale the cliff. You’ll be out of the Avatar’s reach, but close enough for it to not use any of its long-range attacks. At this point, you can unleash a flurry of casts and projectiles at the Erdtree Avatar.


Beating any of the Erdtree Avatars will grant you a myriad of worthwhile drops and mountains of Runes. Depending on the variant, some rewards may prove more worthwhile than others.

  • Weeping Peninsula Variant: Besting the Weeping Peninsula Erdtree Variant will reward you with 3,600 Runes on your first playthrough, as well as a Crimsonburst Crystal Tear and an Opaline Bubbletear.
  • Western Lurnia of the Lakes Variant: Beating the Western Lurnia variant of the Erdtree Avatar will grant you 5,800 Runes in your first playthrough, as well as a Cerulean Crystal Tear and a Ruptured Crystal Tear.
  • Eastern Lurnia of the Lakes Variant: Subduing the Eastern Lurnia variant will also grant you 5,800 Runes of your first playthrough, as well as a Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear, a Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear, and a Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear.
  • Caelid Variant: Upon defeating the Caelid variant of the Erdtree Avatar, you’ll be awarded 9,600 Runes on your first playthrough, a Greenburst Crystal Tear, and a Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants Variant: You’ll be rewarded with a whopping 70,000 Runes, as well as a Cerulean Crystal Tear and a Crimson Bubbletear.
  • Non-Boss Variants: Defeating the Deeproot Depths and Leyndell non-boss variants will grant you 10,000 and 10,062 Runes respectively on your first playthrough, as well as a Staff of the Avatar and a Lord’s Rune, respectively.
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