Watch the First Gameplay Trailers for My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble



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Move over Dragon Ball and Naruto, because another anime title is going to be making a splash with the fighting genre.

Watch the First Gameplay Trailers for My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble

Just in, we have our first trailers for Bandai Namco’s upcoming My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble. The game is free-to-play and will give players access to 24 playable heroes. Watch the trailers here:

The game is said to let players take part in a Battle Royale-type game in teams of three, and players will get to decide if they could play the part of heroes of villains. Each character is able to access their specific quirks from the show, and depending on their skills, they can either deal damage to enemies or provide support for team members.

There is also a Skill Card mechanic that will enhance specific character’s quirks, and depending on which side you’re leaning to, you will have to either attack or save civilians on the map.

If the gameplay trailers haven’t gotten you hyped yet, GamingBolt reports that there will actually be an open beta for the game which will run from Feb. 2–6. Thebeta will have 12 playable characters which include Midoriya, Bakugo, Mt. Lady, Toga, and All Might. Registrations will be open until January 28.

With IP like Naruto and Dragon Ball spanning multiple games across console generations, we should expect more My Hero Academia titles like Ultra Rumble down the line.  

No release date has been set for My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, but the game is being developed for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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