We need a Fable remastered trilogy


Shawn Farner

Writer and Storywriter


With Playground Games set to release an all-new installment in the Fable franchise — well, sometime — there’s never been a better time to go back and play through the first three games in the series. At the moment, you can find them all working via backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. But I really think Microsoft ought to consider some kind of Fable remastered trilogy so players can experience them with all the next-gen trimmings.

We need a Fable remastered trilogy

And, quite honestly, so PC gamers can find and play all of the games in one place. Right now, that is impossible.

Microsoft never released the original Fable on PC, nor did it put Fable 2 on the platform. It wasn’t until Fable 3 arrived in 2010 that Microsoft finally saw any value in bringing the franchise to Windows. It later gave Fable Anniversary the PC treatment in 2013. Today, however, you cannot purchase Fable 3 from any PC marketplace, and Fable Anniversary is only available on Steam. It’s not even present in Microsoft’s own store.

A Fable remastered trilogy would create one definitive package of all three games that can forever be backward compatible across PC and Xbox. For PC gamers, specifically, it would mark the first time that all three titles were available to play on the platform. Microsoft could, of course, still sell this Fable trilogy in Steam and on other shops if it wanted. But the main goal would be to get this bundle into Xbox Game Pass, where it could help introduce new players to Fable and get older fans revved up to play the newest entry when it arrives.

In order to save Microsoft a tiny bit of work, I even came up with a name for it. That should be about one millionth of one percent of the job done, with only the loads of development work left to go.


If Microsoft and whatever studio it outsources this to can pour even a fraction of the love into this that BioWare put into Mass Effect Legendary Edition, then Fable: The Master Chicken Chaser Collection would be a must-buy.

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