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Do you want to know what does the sim not provisioned mean? Well, it’s an error that occurs when you are exchanging sim cards in your phone but the sim’s are not working properly. It’s also known by the name “sim not provisioned mm2 error”. Let’s find out what can be the causes of this error in detail.

What’s this Error all about?

Well, sim cards have information about an individual and help him find the phone in case of theft. One sim has a particular number and your sim number that tells what network connectivity you own. Sim not provisioned error will affect those users who want to register for a new sim card. When they put the sim in their cell phones, this error can irritate them as the sim is not in the activation mode. This error can occur in these conditions:

  • You bought a brand new phone and sim card.
  • You are transferring phone contacts to the new sim.
  • The mobile network provider is not available.
  • Sim not placed properly.

6 Ways to Fix the “Sim not Provisioned Error”

We have come up with the easiest ways by which you can get rid of this error easily.

Properly Insert the Sim

There might be chances that you have come across this error because of not inserting the sim properly inside your phone. May be the shape of the sim was not proper or sim card slot was not right, there could be any reason for you to do so. You can insert the sim card as explained below:

Switch off your phone and open its back panel. If you have battery oriented phone then you might have to remove it but if the phone has inbuilt batteries then your sim insertion work is simple. Just open the tray and put the new sim replacing the old one. Do this while your phone is switched off. Now again, power on your phone and that’s it.

Restart Your Phone

There might be chances that you have put the sim but did not restart your phone. Once you reboot your phone after putting the sim card in it, your phone will identify the sim signal and it won’t show the error.

Activate the Sim Card

The majority of the times, sim cards activate after 24 hours or under 2 hours. But if things are not working your way and you are failing to activate it, you can call the sim network provider or visit their website. Your sim will be fixed online within a few minutes.

Contact the Sim Provider

You can also contact the vendor from where you bought the sim. It’s the middle man between you and the sim company and can replace it or make significant changes to it so that can become operational. You can also ask the customer care executives of your sim company by calling at their toll-free support number.

Get New Sim

It’s the easiest way to remove the error and the smartest step too. You can buy the new sim by visiting the sim vendor or calling the company’s customer support executives. They would run diagnostics on the sim card and resolve the “sim not provisioned mm2 error” easily. New sim means no issues; the store who sold you new sim will have all the necessary tools to insert it. You just give them your phone and sim and they will activate it within minutes.

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