Where to Find the Scary Halloween Skull Mask – Watch Dogs Legion


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The developers for this game have went all out on in-game customizations, especially mask items. Anonymity is a big part of Watch Dogs and the developers have given us the possibility to hide in style.

Where to Find the Scary Halloween Skull Mask – Watch Dogs Legion

There are many bizarre and unbelievable masks, that are favored by players, and one of them is the scary Halloween Skull Mask. However, it’s hidden in a specific location, keep reading to find out where.

Where to Get the Halloween Skull Mask? – Watch Dogs Legion

It is hidden like the other masks, i.e. you can find it in unusual places usually in boxes or crates. You either have to know its location or pass by it accidentally to find it.

Make sure to have City of Westminster conquered before getting this mask. You can get Halloween Skull Mask here. Look at the picture for more reference:

where to find halloween skull mask watch dogs

As you can see, you can find the Halloween Skull Mask at Perry Harris Redevelopment area in the City of Westminster.

It may be difficult to get it, because it is placed in a hard to reach place.

How to Get the Halloween Skull Mask?

  1. Infiltrate and open the front gate to get into Perry Harris restricted area.
  2. Hack the big drone and climb on it:  where to find halloween skull mask
  3. Get it to the platform on the right of the fascility, as seen in this picture:watch dogs legion where to find halloween skull mask
  4. The box on the platform has the Skull Mask inside.

That’s it! Like I said, you either have some luck and stumble on these items randomly or you must know where it is in order to get it.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other clothing items you can find at this spot. However, there are some other restricted areas in that region which do have some.

Usually, these restricted areas are most rewarding for customizable items like this or gadgets and technology!

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