Wildermyth: What Are Transformations


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Wildermyth has heroes, classes, abilities, transformations, and so much more. As a result of this, players might find themselves overwhelmed about mots of the game’s mechanics and aspects. Nevertheless, to make it easier for you, we thought the best way is to finally answer the question: What are transformations in Wildermyth? Below, you will find everything you need to know about this aspect of the game.

Wildermyth: What Are Transformations

What Are Transformations in Wildermyth

Transformations are a huge part of the whole game, and they’re as essential as new abilities. They’re interesting as they’re not that tied with the mechanical aspect of the game, but instead the story aspect.

Although, they do have a bit of an impact on strategy and progression as well, since some transformations can provide players with a new mechanical advantage.

Essentially, transformations are tied to the game’s story, and they’re triggered by it. A transformation is an ability which will be given to a hero, once it has been triggered by a certain event in the story.

Most of the time, they change the appearance of characters in the game. As more and more transformations happen, characters evolve into something else. Quite similar to Pokemon.

They will also give heroes other limbs, especially if the character is maimed.

There are more than 15 transformations for heroes in the game, and they’re specifically targeting characters depending on the class.

For example, only some of those fifteen transformations can be applied to mystics, warriors, or hunters respectfully.

It adds another layer of flavor to the game, which even deepens the immersion with Wildermyth. This game has received much praise since its launch, and it definitely seems deserved.

However, it can be a bit of a learning curve as some of the aspects and mechanics of it are purely unique to it, and no other game expect it.

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