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Wildermyth has just been released for PC, Mac and Linux, and while it may be goofy with its mechanics and graphics, this game does pack a punch in multiple other spectrums. It is a turn-based RPG, and its strongest suit is story-telling. But while the game might seem very straightforward, there are many things that players will need to learn about this game such as all classes in Wildermyth.

All Classes in Wildermyth

Wildermyth: All Classes

So, if you have played Wildermyth for even a few minutes, you might know that there are heroes in this game. These are characters that form a party, and they have unique personalities, and they evolve augments over time.

On top of that, each hero has their own class. The characters start out as farmers though, but over time, they can acquire one of the three classes in the game.

Here is a list of all classes in Wildermyth:

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Mystic

These three are all different, and provide unique mechanical advantages and disadvantages in combat. Let’s go more in-depth into what each class is.

Warrior Class – Wildermyth

Warriors are basically the tank of the party. They can wield heavy-duty two-handed weapons with high damage outputs, or they can wield a shield and a sword.

Warriors can also get stat bonuses that are specific of their class like: health, recovery rate, armor, warding, block, melee accuracy, range accuracy, bonus damage, and potency.

Overall a strong pillar to the party in terms of strength and pure tankiness.

Hunter Class – Wildermyth

Hunters in Wildermyth are what you might expect them to be. Mostly, they’re range damage-dealers with ranged weapons, which also can be utilized as the scout of the party.

They also can be played more strategically than the warrior, with their traps and other unique abilities.

Like the Warrior class, Hunters also get stats bonuses like: health, speed, recovery rate, retirement age, armor, warding, dodge, melee accuracy, range accuracy, bonus damage, and potency.

Mystic Class – Wildermyth

The Mystic class in Wildermyth is a magic-damage class. Most of the time, this heroes can be played in a way where they infuse with objects in the world. After so, they utilize the objects to their advantage.

An interesting class to play and a more complex one for that matter. In terms of stat bonuses, players can expect to get the following: health, speed, recovery rate, retirement age, armor, warding, dodge, melee accuracy, range accuracy, bonus damage, and potency.

After promotion of each class, players can learn new abilities which are specific to the hero’s class. For example, only a Hunter can learn Archery, and only a Mystic can learn Naturalist.

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