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Hitman 3 is among many of the most highly anticipated video games for 2021. After the game’s sneak peak, and the positive impressions that the game left, there are many that are exited for Hitman’s 3 launch.

Will Hitman 3 VR Be on PC

What is unfortunate is that the developers seem to make exclusive deals with platforms and applications, placing restrictions on playing. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary, as these things are usually what helps developers have some extra power in development.

Nevertheless, among many questions and concerns that players have, one of them is definitely what’s most prominent, that is, whether Hitman 3 be VR-ready on PC.

Hitman 3: VR-ready on PC?

As I touched on the issue that this game has made exclusive deals with other companies, the most notable one is that it will be an Epic Games exclusive game for one year. This means that for players on Steam, the game won’t become available until 2022.

While this is a huge disappointment for Steam players, it is an issue that is more or less a hurdle and something that can be overcome.

In addition to what exclusive deals that this game has made is the one with PlayStation. That is, that Hitman 3 VR will be only available on the PS as an exclusive.

Well, this is no doubt a huge bummer, but when weighing in the pros and cons, this could ultimately mean that the game is much better developed and more stable, thanks to exclusive deals such as these.

Is Hitman 3 VR Coming to PC in 2022?

Some speculate that the game will come to PCVR in 2022, when it becomes available on the Steam store. Steam is a platform that exercises much more VR games than the Epic Games Store, and that could ultimately mean that Hitman 3 would also be just that, VR.

Even though this is purely speculation and nothing is official on the topic, it is no secret that a developer on a recent post on Reddit, made the comment that the game is strictly available PSVR at launch.

Because of the phrasing and wording of the comment, it is what led many to believe that 2022 Hitman VR is an option that could happen.

Nonetheless, nothing was said about future plans, or PCVR, but since it was said that it will only be available for PS at launch, it made players excited for Hitman’s 3 future plans!

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