Will Sony Finally Fix Its Console’s Loud Fan Problem?



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The PlayStation consoles have been Sony’s best-selling product for over two decades. Hundreds of millions of units have been sold all over the world, entertaining millions of people of all ages. However, PlayStation owners have always complained about a very specific problem; the annoyingly loud fan. The fan problem has bothered most PS3 and PS4 players, as it sometimes feels like the device is about to catch fire. On the contrary, Xbox owners have never had to worry about the console’s fan, as the device often functions smoothly and silently. The main question ahead of the release of the 9th generation consoles is: will PlayStation 5’s fan make as much noise as its predecessors?

Will Sony Finally Fix Its Console’s Loud Fan Problem?
The new PS5 Series

When one hears or reads about PS5’s and Series X’s technical specifications, it becomes obvious that the two next-gen consoles will be gaming beasts. Naturally, one can assume that cooling down consoles that can support extremely demanding games, is not going to be an easy task for any of the two devices. While Xbox gamers are confident that Series X will live up to the performance of its previous editions, PlayStation fans are worried that the excessive cooling fan noise will have a negative effect on the gaming experience. Future games are only going to require cooling fans to spin at much higher intensities to allow the console to ventilate and to reduce the temperature of its components.

For the world’s top gaming studios to release titles that live up to the expectations of their audiences, console processors need to work extra hard. A console that runs Red Dead Redemption 2 will probably heat up a lot more than a PC or tablet that runs one of the popular slot games at www.casino.com/ca/slots/. There are of course ways to help the console’s cooling fan spin at a normal pace, but getting it to be completely silent is probably not something that can happen. Nevertheless, Sony executives are hinting that a big chunk of the production cost for PlayStation 5 will go to the console’s cooling system.

The new XBOX Series X

Considering that PS5’s competitor will come equipped with a 130mm vapor chamber cooler and with top of the line components, Sony’s console will need to wear a special kind of armour in order to match up to Series X. This means that PS5 owners will not have to worry about blowing compressed air, using vacuum cleaners or opening up their device to get rid of all the dust. Nevertheless, dust always finds ways to dirt down surfaces, and it is, therefore, unrealistic to expect that a top-class ventilator can do all the job by itself.

How Disappointed Will You Be if PS5 Is Louder than Promised?

There is no doubt that PlayStation 5 and Series X will be extremely powerful. There is also no doubt that just like every other device, both consoles will have certain flaws, which players will need to live with. At the current stage of console technology, there is no way to implement components that allow for completely silent functionality. Things will get better and better with every edition, but just like with vehicles, consoles will need to let the air circulate to run properly. Being prepared for a noisy console and accepting it as a side-effect that comes with hours of entertainment, is a good way to avoid being disappointed if things end up being different from what you had expected.

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