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If you have played Legends of Runeterra or Hearthstone before, you should have no qualms adjusting to Gods Unchained. It is a pretty straightforward card game, but the rules do take time getting used to. If you want to earn more money in the game, you should start mastering the game and all of its mechanics.

How To Win More Matches In Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained will give you a tutorial once you start playing, but this does not tell you how to get better. For that, you will have to do trial and error until you begin learning the ropes and begin increasing your rank as well. If you want to get better at the game, here are some tips and tricks that might help you out.

Let God Powers Drive The Battle

God powers are special abilities that are exclusive to each of the six Gods. Each God has three powers, but you can only use one during a battle. For instance, the God of Death can imbue your cards with a unique effect wherein they can summon an Imp upon death. Make sure to pick your God power wisely, as this special move can change things up at the expense of Mana.

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Build Your Deck

You will have pre-built decks for each of the six God alignments in Gods Unchained once you begin. These are decent for starter decks, but once you have gotten more cards, you should not be afraid to start building a solid deck on your own. Study each of your cards well and stick to a particular strategy. This will allow you to create a deck that is built and made solely for your playstyle.

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Be more versatile when it comes to building a deck. Remember that each match will not be the same. Moreover, players and their cards will get considerably better as your rank rises as well. As such, you will often find yourself switching things up constantly. If a deck is not working for you, it might be time to change it up a bit.

Read Each Card Effect Carefully

Some cards have special effects. For instance, Frontline cards can protect the God from direct damage. There are also cards with the Leech effect, which means they can heal you depending on the amount of damage they deal. While having high HP and a decent amount of attack is important for cards, the card effects can effectively make or break battles.

You can check out what the card effect is simply by dragging your cursor to the card’s text. The effect will be explained on the side, so it will be easy to check out what it does. If you do not read through the card effect, you may get caught off guard with what it can do.

Drop The Strong Cards Early

At the start of the game, you will have the chance to discard cards from your current hand and swap them for new ones in the deck. The cards you swap out are called the mulligan. This is an important phase of the match. Remember that you will be starting the match with 1 Mana and it will increase by one each round. That being said, holding 4-10 Mana consuming cards at the start of the game is a bad idea.

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Ideally, you should fill your initial had with cards that consume 1 Mana and above. This will allow you to protect your God from the beginning. Do not hoard your stronger cards, as you will eventually draw all of them.

Practice Against AI

You do not always have to go up against other players. Practicing the decks you build should not always be against other players. The AI in Gods Unchained is good enough to provide a decent challenge. However, do not think the skills of the AI can replicate the skill of an actual player.

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Playing against AI serves two purposes. One is it helps you warm up before going against other players in ranked mode. The other is you can practice your deck builds against AI without getting any repercussions for losing. It is fun, free, and can help you potentially get better in the game.

Gods Unchained is a good free-to-play NFT game, but we would be lying if we did not say the game is challenging. It takes a lot of hard work to build a good deck to get you to the highest ranks. However, with these tips, you can get a better start at the game. Hopefully, you will be minting more powerful NFT cards in the future as well.

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