How to Play Light Tanks in World of Tanks


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Light tanks are faster than any other tank type and are the perfect vehicle for scouting in World of Tanks. However, these tanks lack armor and require quite a bit of experience and skill to maneuver. It’s a double-edged sword because survival isn’t your only primary objective. You also need to help your team spot the enemy, serving as a scout in the fight.

How to Play Light Tanks in World of Tanks

If you’re new to the game or light tanks in particular and wish to learn how to use them, we have your back. We’ll share the essential tips for succeeding as a light tank driver in World of Tanks. Keep on reading to discover how you can bring victory to your allies.

Don’t Rush

Some novice players drive towards the enemy line immediately without waiting for the perfect moment or earning experience points beforehand. However, such an attempt to obtain the Scout achievement typically ends with death before they manage to see at least a few enemy tanks.

Scouting before the start of the fight is paramount, but it requires a specific strategy. It’s easy to spot an incoming tank, so carefully slipping between houses or lean over a bush is a better method.

If you’re new to the game, try to remain behind teammates. Medium and heavy tanks are harder to destroy and can serve you as a shield. Light tanks are ideal scouts, but they weren’t made to lead an escort.

Learn Passive Scouting

Passive scouting is one of the best tactics for light tanks. In passive scouting, a tank sneaks into an enemy area and waits. An important point here is not to move since any movement can expose the tank’s location; instead, the tank driver should patiently wait for their allies to eliminate the enemy.

You can get additional experience points for completing passive scouting, but only if you stay alive. While you are scouting, be aware that an enemy’s artillery is often in the rear of their camp. You may accidentally bump into it, but you have a chance to destroy it in this case.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrading tank equipment is effective yet expensive. You may want to think twice before upgrading on a whim. Make sure that you’re confident that you’ll use a specific tank before investing in upgrades, as they can cost a few thousand Silver. It’s best to upgrade details that will help you in scouting, such as camouflage and telescope instead.

Help the SPG

An SPG is a tank that fires up into the air rather than in a straight line. Aiming isn’t SPGs’ strong suit, so you should help your team’s SPG to spot the enemy when possible. Stay within the SPG’s radio range to keep up a steady stream of communication, but try not to get too close.

Keep Eyes on the Road and Don’t Stop

When you are going into a frontline attack, you must draw all attention to buy more time for your allies. When you’re driving, keep your eyes on the road to prevent mishaps like rolling over or getting under another tank’s shot, and never stop – as soon as you do, you’ll get eliminated.

Stay Dedicated

Light tanks aren’t the best choice for a newbie in the game. However, with enough practice and dedication, you’ll surely master controlling this vehicle. Don’t forget about the light tank’s main objective, and don’t overestimate your powers. Most importantly, improve communication efficiency with your allies, as World of Tanks is all about teamwork.

What’s your favorite light tank in World of Tanks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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