How to Customize Your Character in PUBG


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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG started the battle royale craze back in 2017. Back then, gamers were scrambling to get into the beta version of the game to get a taste of the then-fresh battle royale experience.

How to Customize Your Character in PUBG

A few years later, PUBG isn’t as hot as it used to be. However, it is still a game that is played by a lot of gamers to this day.

Compared to its initial release, PUBG now offers a ton of customization options in-game. Players can change how their character looks and even equip gun skins these days.

Today we will be looking at how to change your character’s appearance in PUBG for PC. Let’s get started!

Put Some Clothes On

Customizing your character in PUBG adds a touch of personality to your game. Not only will you look cool while running around the humongous maps in PUBG, but some types of clothing may even make you just a little bit harder to see from the enemy’s POV.

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Blend into your surroundings.

How To Change Your Appearance in PUBG

Changing your character’s appearance in PUBG is easy. Almost everything clothing-wise can be changed from the PUBG Main Menu:

  1. Go to the PUBG Main Menu:
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2. On the upper left corner, click on “Customize.”

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On the PUBG customization menu, the player is given several options to customize from.

The main ones are:

  • Wardrobe – Customizes how your character looks in terms of clothing. Multiple options are available such as, hats, shirts, jackets, cargo pants, shoes, and boots are some of many clothing options available.
image 56
  • Weapons – Customizes how the in-game guns look through weapon skins.
image 57
  • Emotes and Sprays – Emotes or player actions that you can use in-game. Up to eight unique emotes can be equipped at a time.
    • Sprays are the usual grafitti style art sprays that can be sprayed on most surfaces in-game
image 58
image 59
Don’t get hit on the head while Taunting
  • Vehicle – These are vehicle skins you can equip to change how the different vehicles in-game looks
image 51
  • Utility – Here players can equip various items they have bought from the in-game store such as name banner animations, keys to open crates, and more.
image 52
  • Appearance – Changes the basic gender of the in-game character to a Male or Female.
  • PUBG ID – The in-game banner design and emblem can be changed here:
image 53
image 54
image 55

Strip Your Enemies of their Hoodie

In PUBG, almost everything your enemies drop after death can be scavenged or looted. These could be guns, ammo, gun extensions, first-aid kits, etc.

Clothing is also something that can be looted from your enemy’s dead body. So if you happen to successfully kill an enemy with some clothing you’ve wanted to try, then you’re in luck.

Just wash the blood off before you put them on – please.

Give me that cat hoodie. NOW.

To loot clothing from downed enemies, stand close to their bodies and press “Tab.”


Their clothing will show up on the “Vicinity” items list.


You can right-click to instantly replace your current clothing or add the clothing layer to your current clothing.


Run Around in Style

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Because of how large the maps are in PUBG, you will surely be running around for most of the game. Now that you know how to customize your player’s appearance in-game, you will at least be running around in style.

Throughout the few years PUBG has been around, the developers have continuously added customization options for players to use to keep the game interesting, at least in terms of aesthetics.

It is a great thing to have this much customization in-game. With literally hundreds of players per game, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Customize your characters to get the look you’re going for and enjoy exploring the PUBG world!


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