How to Get Blueprints in World of Tanks


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Tanks of various makes and types come together in World of Tanks to battle each other. Players can pick their favorite designs to pilot on the battlefield, but you’ll first have to get the vehicle in your inventory. In 2019, the developers introduced the Blueprint system to make unlocking new tanks easier.

How to Get Blueprints in World of Tanks

Players new to the game or those returning to it might not know about blueprints, making it difficult to get their tank of choice.

If your knowledge bank is a little blueprint-deficient for World of Tanks, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through the system’s essentials. Just keep in mind that these blueprints are not easy to obtain.

How to Get Blueprints in World of Tanks

Blueprints are considered special rewards. Unlike other items in World of Tanks, there’s absolutely no way to buy them, even with Gold or real money.

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The only way to get Blueprints is to play Tier V-X vehicles. If you’re lucky, you may receive one randomly. Thanks to the Rewards for Merit system, the chances of getting one increased if you perform well in battle. So, the better you play, the better your chances of receiving one.

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What Are Blueprints in World of Tanks?

You don’t need Blueprints to research a tank since the research feature has been in the game longer than Blueprints. However, Blueprints are used to provide discounts on the total research cost. Each vehicle has more than one Blueprint, and if you manage to gather enough, you can even get the tank you want for free.

However, Blueprints don’t offer discounts for modules and credit prices. You still have to spend credits on both. Only Research experience points (XP) get discounted.

There are three types of Blueprints in World of Tanks:

  • Specific
  • National
  • Universal
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The first one will only work for a particular vehicle, and its discounts are applied immediately after getting one. Specific Blueprints will never work for any other vehicle.

National Blueprints work only for the nation listed on the Blueprint. For example, a Chinese tank Blueprint will only apply discounts to all Chinese tanks. However, you can combine National Blueprints with Universal Blueprints.

As the name suggests, Universal Blueprints work for any tank in the game, no matter the nation. You can even use them to replace missing National Blueprints if you wish.

The latter two Blueprints aren’t used up upon obtaining them. You’ll have to apply the discounts manually, and you can always pick the tanks you want to prioritize.

Occasionally, you’ll gain Blueprints for fully-researched tanks. They won’t go to waste, as the game converts them into National or Universal Blueprints. You can combine these Blueprint Fragments to unlock other Fragments for another tank you like.

Depending on the vehicle’s tier, the Blueprint requirements will vary. Typically, the higher a tank’s tier, the more Blueprints you need.

Other Blueprint Functions

In March 2021, World of Tanks had a time-limited event. Players with extra Blueprint Fragments could exchange them for other rewards. The rewards were:

  • Crew Books
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  • Crew Members
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  • Customizations
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  • Premium Account Days
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A player could only exchange Blueprints for the rewards so many times, as their stocks were limited. The event has long since ended, but should it return, you can spend some extra Blueprints on any of these unique offerings.

Practically Free Tanks

 Most players who battle in World of Tanks can appreciate saving time and money. Blueprints allow you to unlock tanks sooner, though they aren’t easy to get. While you still need to spend credits on actually getting the tank and its modules, no one will say “no” to some Blueprints.

How many Blueprints do you still have in your inventory? Have you managed to get a 100% discount with them? Let us know in the comments section below.


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