How to Change Crosshairs in World Of Warships


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Any game that involves some aiming mechanic will require targeting guides. The Crosshair is the most common type of targeting guide present in just about any game out right now.

How to Change Crosshairs in World Of Warships

Since World of Warships’ gameplay revolves around aiming and firing at other warships from a distance, a Crosshair has to be implemented in-game to make aiming in firefights more precise and repeatable. However, World of Warships had to implement specific in-game crosshairs to accommodate its unique aiming mechanic.

The World of Warships Crosshair

World of Warships’ aiming mechanic relies a lot on timing and trajectory. As such, no ordinary crosshair will work as effectively as the World of Warships Crosshair.

The default World of Warships crosshairs is mostly a horizontal line across the screen with multiple ticks to indicate time to land. However, there are a few other crosshair options in-game, with some altering the entire look of the default crosshair shape.

There are only two major types of Crosshairs in World of Warships:

  1. Static Crosshair – Default
  2. Dynamic Crosshair

Static Crosshair

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As the name suggests, the Static Crosshair is an in-game crosshair that does not change its scale regardless of zoom distance. While aiming in World of Warships, players can alter the amount of zoom by using the scroll wheel.

The major advantage that the Static Crosshair has over the Dynamic Crosshair is its customizability. Players can even apply a mod to add more crosshair options.

Dynamic Crosshair

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In contrast to the Static Crosshair, the Dynamic Crosshair features just one non-changeable design. The Dynamic Crosshair also features a time-to-land counter, which gives the player an idea of how long they have to wait before their shells land on the target location.

image 50

The number lines on the X-Axis is calibrated to 1 x Time (on the Crosshair,) assuming a horizontal traverse speed of 30 knots. This means that if the ship above is traveling at a rate of 30 knots, placing the target ship on tick line “4” will land a direct hit to the enemy ship at the area of tick line “4”.

A major advantage of using the Dynamic Crosshair is its overall clean look and its additional information while targeting.

How to Change World of Warships Crosshair

  1. Go to the Settings Menu:
3 10

2. Click on the “Controls” tab:

4 9

3. Click on “Select Crosshair” located at the middle of the menu:

image 51

4. The “Select Crosshair” button will take us to the Crosshair Selection Menu:

5 7

Note: Only the “Static” Crosshair has options to choose from. “Dynamic” will only have one crosshair style.

Full Speed Ahead

That is about it! Try out the different styles of crosshairs until you find one that is easy and comfortable to use. Both crosshair types have their pros and cons. It will be up to the individual player’s preferences to go for the Static or Dynamic Crosshair types.

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