WRC 8's Career Mode is a Hardcore Rally Racing Sim Fan's Dream


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A trailer popped up for WRC 8’s career mode, and, even for an arcade-y (or kart variety) racer like me, it’s impressive. WRC 8 lets you start the game in the Junior or WRC 2 category this time. You will have different cars available in each mode, so it’s going to offer you some variety no matter where you start. The end goal of either one is to complete the WRC Pro and win the crown.
It’s a long and winding road to the top, but you are armed with tools in the form of three gameplay pillars. The first is critical for any venture, including racing, and it’s the humble calendar. You will need to choose the events you want to do in between the times you are gripping the wheel. You can choose training, events, challenges, and even rest.
Managing your crew is another part of your success. There are six, interrelated jobs that keep your time on the track going smoothly. There is the obvious mechanic that keeps your car running, but WRC 8 covers far more ground. The agent works on scheduling your races. Going even further, the meteorologist predicts the weather for your races. This could be the difference between a win and a loss, because you will equip your car to handle the terrain. With a dynamic weather system in the game, you’ll want to be prepared. Each of these jobs can give you bonuses, so you’ll want to keep an eye on each one.
The skill tree is the third major pillar, and it’s full of upgrades. Adding what appears to be an almost RPG element to WRC 8, the upgrades impact your car and crew with things such as overall reliability. The decisions will impact your career and even crew morale. It’s an interesting part of making your team, your team.
After preparing, you will have to actually race. As you rise in the ranks, the races become longer and tougher. The trailer mentions that later races will be run in stages, and some will stretch out to 23km. That’s almost 20 minutes in one race with all of those decisions, your crew, and skills pushing you forward or weighing you down.
After the race, you will see detailed stats, which, if you’re playing a true sim, will be a delight. It will cover things like the wear on your parts. It will also show you decisions that your competitors made that may have put them behind you instead of ahead of you. It’s a chance to learn from mistakes and make changes for the next track.
If sim rally racing is your cup of tea, I strongly recommend you watch the WRC 8 trailer (top). The full game will have weekly challenges, 52 teams, and 100 stages set across 14 countries. We only have a September 2019 release window for now, so, until we know the exact date, you’ll just have to wait to start your career as the next manager and driver of a WRC 2 winning team.

WRC 8's Career Mode is a Hardcore Rally Racing Sim Fan's Dream

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