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Writing a book is the last thing you would do if you’re a gravedigger in the Medieval Era, but not if you’re the hero of Graveyard Keeper. You may be expected to embalm corpses on a daily basis, but you are also free to express yourself through literature. How do you become a successful writer in this graveyard-themed management simulator game? Keep on reading to find out.

How to Become a Writer in Graveyard Keeper

Book Writing

Book Writing is one of the core technologies found in the Technology Tree. Through writing books, notes, prayers, etc., you’ll be able to unlock the kind of technologies associated with gaining knowledge and science.

BW Bookwriting

Most of you are already aware that Technology points are not like fruits you can easily pluck from trees. You will have to grind through the hours to gather resources and farm technology points. Out of all the core technologies, Book Writing might be the easiest one to complete as there are only a few technologies and blueprints related to writing that you can unlock in the Tech Tree. 

Benefits of Book Writing

BW Benefits

Aside from getting achievements from completing 100% of the game, here are more reasons why you would want to spend your points on unlocking all of Book Writing’s technologies:

  • Great way to earn Technology points

Not only you can gain Technology points from writing, but you can also get blue points from crafting writing materials in the Church Workbench. The Study Table can also be used to research different items, which as a result, will give you 20-50 Technology points. Decomposing old books in the Study Table will also give you Science points.

  • To create Sermon topics

Performing sermons is the best method to get Faith points. But you can’t perform a sermon if you don’t have a sermon topic or a prayer, which you can craft on your desk. There are different prayers with diverse effects that you can create on the desk. For example, performing a sermon with Prayer for Imagination temporarily provides you with a buff that gives you a chance to write a good quality story.

  • Trade books to the Astrologer for gold

The Astrologer is a village scholar who feeds on books and is always hungry for knowledge. As you might expect, he’s the one to seek if you want to trade books in exchange for gold. He will also give you book-related quests that will be impossible to accomplish if you neglect to unlock some of the technologies found in Book Writing.

Become an excellent writer

Book Writing will be unlocked after fixing the graveyard and gaining access to the church and cellar. We have made a step-by-step guide that you can refer to if you’re feeling lost in deciding which Book Writing technology is worth unlocking first.

BW TechPointStudy

1. In the Technology Tree, unlock the Research technology in the Bookwriting tab. With the Curious mind perk, you can now study items to gain Technology points in the Study Table.

BW ChurchWorkbench

2. To learn how to craft supplies for writing, you can spend your points on Paper Writing technology.

BW Craft

3. Build a Church Workbench to start crafting papers and inks.

BW Vagner

4. Craft 10 papers in the Church Workbench and buy ink from the Astrologer. Offer the items to Vagner if you haven’t given his requested ink and papers yet. Unlocking the Journalist Perk will also allow you to get a story every time you complete an NPC quest.

BW WriteNotes

5. Build a Desk to start writing. Initially, you’ll only get bronze quality notes, but you’ll be able to turn them into silver and gold once you gain advanced writing perks and Desk II.

BW BooksTech

6. Create books and combo prayers by unlocking the Books technology. 

BW Alchemy

6. You can always go to the Astrologer to buy ink, but you can also build an Alchemy workbench to make black paint if you now have enough construction parts for it.

BW WritersPerk

7. Once you’ve reached the point in the story where you become engulfed in making gold quality items, you may now unlock the Inventing Stories and  Writer’s Profession perks to be able to make gold quality notes, books, etc.

BW Gunter2

8. If you unlock the Random Text Generator technology, you can get zombies to write stories for you at the Random Text Generator workstation. You can only reveal this technology after meeting Gunter, the last surviving zombie, in the cellar.

BW Paperpress

9. Paper Production technology lets you print large amounts of paper. You can unlock this technology if you hate going after bats for bat wings, or if you don’t want to lower the quality of corpses by extracting their skin. Bat wings and human skin are used to make pigskin paper.

BW PrintingPress

10. Simple Printing Press and Complex Printing Press are advanced blueprints that you may unlock to construct Printing Press I and II. These expensive workstations can mass-produce flyers. You will not be needing to unlock these technologies until later in the game.

Have you started spending your hard-earned Tech points on Book Writing yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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