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La Signora is No. 8 of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers with the alias “The Fair Lady.” She has appeared several times in the Archon Quest and has maintained her antagonist every time.

How to Beat La Signora in Genshin Impact

During the 2.1 update of the game, La Signora was reintroduced as a weekly boss in the trounce domain Tenshukaku.

Like Tartaglia, La Signora owns both a Vision (Cyro) and a Delusion (Pyro). She is not immune to these elements, so you can fight her using both.

Special Mechanics

During the fight, the battlefield will enter a state of Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat, depending on La Signora’s current form’s element. Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat will accumulate, and when the limit is hit, your active character will start to lose HP. Not only will the accumulation happen naturally, but when La Signora successfully hits you, the accumulation will also increase.

Signora’s attacks also lead to area effects called Frosted Floor and Embered Earth. Stepping on the Frosted Floor slows down your character’s movement speed and speeds up Sheer Cold accumulation. Stepping on Embered Earth will cause burn and damage to your character over time, as well as increase the accumulation of Blazing Heat.

To fight Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat, Hearts of Flame and Eyes of Frost will appear during battle. Standing close to it will slowly decrease the accumulation while breaking it will significantly reduce the temperature and clear the area of Frosted Floor and Embered Earth.

Attack Moves

First Form: Cryo (Vision)

Ice Shards – quickly shoots a group of ice shards in front of her that deal Cryo damage.

Ice Wheel – tosses a circular and spiky ice wheel that rolls in a curved direction. This move is usually done as a combo with the Ice Shards.

Ice Mine – creates three flowers-like ice objects and throws them towards you. It will stay on the floor for around 2 seconds before shattering and creating a Frosted Floor in that area.

Ice Spike Shower – summons a group of ice spikes around her, marks the floor, and then hurls those spikes towards the marked direction. After the Hailstorm hits, that area will be in a Frosted Floor state.

Ice Missiles – summons five ice missiles and sends them to hit the target, causing Cryo damage.

Ice Lance – marks you and summons a large ice spear above that will strike after 2 seconds. It will stay in the area where it struck for 2 seconds before exploding to cause damage and create a Frosted Floor.

Snowfall Strike – teleports near you and then performs a small Cryo explosion AOE.

Tsaritsa’s Benevolence – call forth six icy needles that surround you and then strike simultaneously.

Frozen Cocoon – When Signora’s HP is significantly reduced, she will teleport to the center of the field and create a Cryo shell while continuing her attacks. Crimson Lotus Moths will also start appearing at this point of the battle. If you pick up one of these, your next attack will be greatly boosted, making it easier to break Signora’s Cryo shield.

After her Cryo shell is broken, Signora will use her Delusion and transform to her second form, the Crimson Witch of Embers.

Second Form: Pyro (Delusion)

Warp – turns into a dark fiery smoke to move from place to place.

Flaming Whip – uses a burning whip to strike Pyro attacks that vary from close to long-range. There are several versions of this attack.

  1. A single closed range strike.
  1. Two-strike mid-range attack. If the whip strike is curved then a second slash will follow.
  1. A single frontal strike that throws fire in that direction.
  1. Swings the whip above her head twice and then slams in on the floor to do damage. This leaves three spread-out lines and marks on the floor. Signora will then pull the whip back and the marked area will explode. Embered Earth will be created on the marked area.

Hellfire Butterfly – summons a Hellfire Butterfly that will fly towards you to deal Pyro damage.

Swarm of Hellfire Butterflies – charges for 2 seconds and then releases a swarm of Hellfire Butterflies from her wings. They will fall in front of Signora to deal Pyro damage and create an Embered Earth in that area.

Dark Fireball – sends Hellfire Butterflies spinning and forms a dark flaming dome to deal Pyro damage. This will leave Embered Earth in its path.

Fire Tornado – warps to the center of the battle area and spins into a blazing fire tornado. This tornado will move around and send out four smaller tornados during the process. After spinning, four smaller tornados will remain and move around for a certain duration.

Wrath of the Crimson Witch – moves to the back of the area, wraps her wings around her to charge, and then summons flaming meteors. These molten rocks will leave an Embered Earth where they hit.

All these attacks have fair enough animation speed, which makes them easy to dodge. However, the Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat, the Frosted Floor and Embered Earth, as well as the Cryo and Pyro elemental status applied to your characters, make this boss battle challenging.

In both of Signora’s forms, try to avoid the floor area with elemental status effects and stay close to the Hearts of Flame and Eyes of Frost as much as you can. Only break these objects if you need to clear the floor off of the elemental status.

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