Xbox Series X : How to Enable Ray Tracing



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We live in an era where technological advancements happen each day. Huge leaps of technologies are very commonly seen these days. This is the specific case of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X : How to Enable Ray Tracing

The Series X is the first ever console that has full ray-tracing capabilities on games which support it. It opens a window to new possibilities about what can be done with a home gaming system.

How to Enable Ray Tracing on the Xbox Series X

Microsoft said some contradictory things about the ray tracing on this next gen console. First, they proudly announced that the new Xbox will have ray tracing, and they kind of went dark after that.

Nonetheless, thankfully there will be ray tracing on the next gen Xbox. But how can you enable ray tracing on it?

You can enable it in specific games that support it. For now, we don’t have the exact details, but this feature will be probably controlled from the specific games that have these capabilities.

This is because not all games have any ray tracing features. In fact, majority of the games don’t have this feature.

Nevertheless, like I said above, today’s technology is moving really fast, so it won’t be a surprise if the tables turn in the next 1-2 years.

Who knows, there might be a different architecture than ray tracing that will offer even more potent shadows, lightings, dark colors, etc.

That was ray tracing main goal. It allowed developers to create astonishing worlds that are more physically correct.

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There has also been some talk that Xbox Series X’s younger brother, the Series S will also support ray tracing.

This could very well be true. However, it will definitely be on a much lower resolution. The reason why Xbox implemented these features is because they paired up with AMD to get custom GPUs for their next generation consoles.

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