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The all new 10 Miles to Safety survival game has an interesting concept, combining MMO concepts with zombie survival capabilities. It’s extremely fun and the game has quite an interesting theme.

10 Miles to Safety - Is Local Co-Op Available

Being a multiplayer zombie survival game with lots of strategy possibilities, it can be extremely fun to play with your friends.

With that, we come to the question on whether local co-op is available or not?

Is Local Co-Op Available – 10 Miles to Safety

Even though it may not seem like it, 10 Miles to Safety is a pretty strategic game. It also puts a lot of emphasis on positioning and looting.

Strangely, there are crafting capabilities as well. Make no mistake though, it doesn’t lose its theme because all of this mechanics. It still feels like one game, and not 10 games at once, it does a really good job of combining a lot of mechanics.

Teaming up will extremely be helpful considering how much strategy and crafting needs to be done. So, is local Co-Op available in 10 Miles to Safety?

Yes, local Co-Op is available in 10 Miles to Safety. You will also be happy to know that you can have a squad of up to four players, unlike other games which only two player local play is allowed.

Interestingly, in local play, you can do a campaign mode with four players. When we first researched this topic, we were under the impression that only certain online game modes have co-op capabilities.

It’s unfortunate that this game is only available for PC. It feels like it can be a pretty good game on consoles too.

However, the developers are relatively new on the scene, but they seem to craft exceptionally good games.

We might see more interesting titles in the future, or even a console support upgrade. For now, you can enjoy 10 Miles to Safety with up to four players on PC!

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