10 Things Every Survival Base Needs in Minecraft



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Learn all the necessary things every player needs for their survival base with this Minecraft guide.

10 Things Every Survival Base Needs in Minecraft

Are you a beginner in Minecraft? Have you already built your starter base? In Minecraft, there are many things players must have to survive, and the core of it all is a survival base. The base will become your home, your safe house, and the very place where everything will be created, crafted, and built. Minecraft bases can range from a small starter base to a vast mansion. However, players must know what to put inside their base. Each base has its essential rooms players must build to progress the game. This guide will show you every base’s few things for a player’s survival in Minecraft.

1. Bedroom

The most basic and integral part of a base is the bedroom. Beds not only let you sleep through the night but also act as a respawn point as well. When right-clicking on a bed, it sets your respawn point to wherever the bed currently is. This will allow you to get back to your base whenever you get killed. This is also important when you create multiple bases in the overworld. Being able to set your respawn point to the base closest to where you were last killed will help you get back easily and recover your dropped items quicker.

2. Storage Room

Another integral part of a survival base is the storage room. This room will contain most if not all of the items and resources you have gathered throughout your journey in Minecraft. The storage room consists primarily of chests and barrels that hold all your items and necessary materials to survive in the overworld. Ensure your storage room does not contain anything that might set the entire room on fire, such as lava. If the room catches on fire, all your items could potentially burn to a crisp, and you will lose all you have gathered and worked for. So be sure your storage room is in a safe and secured place to keep all your items.

3. Workstation

What is a base without a workstation? The workstation will essentially be a room where you can craft materials, smelt ores, repair tools, and more. A workstation should preferably be the nearest room to your storage room so you can grab items quickly and craft them with ease. It should contain a crafting table, several furnaces, a blast furnace, a smoker, and an anvil. You may also place a stone cutter, a grindstone, a smithing table, a loom, and other blocks that might prove to be useful.

4. Crop Farm

Every base should have a sustainable crop farm to plant crops such as wheat, carrots, and potatoes. Your crop farm can be small and simple, or you can turn it into an automatic crop farm where harvesting and planting are made easy with a click of a button. Crop farms are a great way to sustain yourself with an infinite supply of food as long as you keep replanting the seeds you obtain during harvest. You can make many good food sources such as bread from wheat, baked potato from potato, and even golden carrot from carrots.

5. Animal Pen

Building an animal pen near your base is another great way to sustain yourself with meat food sources such as raw beef, raw porkchop, raw mutton, and raw chicken. You can also gather animal resources like feathers, leather, and wool. But to keep an animal pen going, you will need a crop farm first. Crops like wheat and carrots make cows, pigs, and sheep breed. Breeding is essential in sustaining an animal pen. Keeping an animal pen near your base will make farming food and other resources easier for players, especially in survival mode.

6. Mineshaft

Having access to a mineshaft near your base—whether it is artificial or naturally generated—can make mining easier for you in the long run. Cobblestones, coal, and iron ores are only some of the vital resources you will need to craft materials. It is better to build your base near a cave system or perhaps create a mineshaft by simply digging down until you reach a certain level underground where resources are predominantly found. Base-located mineshafts can make things easier, especially when you are in dire need of stones or cobblestones to work with.

7. Disposal Unit

A disposal unit inside your base is an area built to put all your junk materials in. You can create a simple disposal area such as a pool of lava, although that would be fairly unsafe to have inside your base. Or you can make things more unique by creating a Redstone mechanism where you place excess items inside a chest, and it automatically discards the items for you. Building a disposal unit in a survival base isn’t required, but it provides you with a place to throw unnecessary or excess resources in.

8. Enchanting Room

An enchanting room or library is essential in progressing the game. The enchantment table allows players to enchant weapons, tools, and armor—empowering them with new skills needed for survival. The enchantment table, alone, is not enough. You will need to build a full library around the enchantment table to maximize the enchantments it provides fully.

9. Brewing Area

The brewing area or brewing room will be where you can brew potions easily. The brewing area should contain at least a brewing stand, a cauldron filled with water, several empty bottles, and a chest or a barrel containing ingredients for brewing. You may also place a small nether wart garden near the brewing area to give you easy access to some nether warts required for brewing. The cauldron can also be replaced with a water-logged stair. Unlike the cauldron, water-logged stairs do not run out of water—giving you an unlimited water supply for potion brewing.

10. Nether Portal

When you reach a mid-game scenario, a nether portal will be something your base needs. Building the nether portal near your base will allow you to travel quicker between the Nether realm and the overworld. Building another portal inside the Nether will also allow you to travel between two different places in the overworld. Overall, the nether portal will be a necessity once you have acquired at least a diamond pickaxe in your inventory.


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