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Overwatch is one of the most popular shooters on the market, with quirky characters and gameplay that appeals to the masses. Although the game now has many new characters, no character is more recognized or depicted in the cosplay community than D.Va.

How to Play Dva in Overwatch

You’ve come to the right place if you are new to Overwatch or want to learn a new hero. Even after years of constant updates, she remains a viable pick.

Overwatch D.Va Basics

D.Va is one of the most well-known Tank heroes in Overwatch, especially when she ejects from her MEKA and sets its reactor to explode. Even without her mech, D.Va can still run around and deal damage with her Light Gun. However, she’s most effective when piloting Tokki, the mech.

Here are her attacks and abilities:

  • Fusion Cannons (Primary weapon in her mech)
    fusion canon 1
  • Light Gun (Only weapon when outside of her mech)
    light gun 1
  • Defense Matrix
    defense matrix 1
  • Micro Missiles
  • Boosters
    boosters 1
  • Self-Destruct
    selfdestruct 1
  • Eject!
    eject 1

Except for her Light Gun, D.Va must be in her MEKA to use all her weapons and abilities. She can use her Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles to deal heavy sustained damage on enemy heroes.

If she notices enemies shooting at her, activating Defense Matrix can stop some projectiles from hitting her. However, she’s stuck in defense while this ability is active.

Tokki the MEKA has boosters built into its chassis, allowing D.Va to reach places other characters can’t. She can also hit enemies with momentum, potentially knocking them off the map for an instant kill.

When the time comes, D.Va can use her Ultimate and eject from Tokki. She sets the reactor to self-destruct while Tokki jets toward the enemy team. After three seconds, it’ll explode and deal severe damage to enemies.

Self-Destruct has a 20-meter radius, and enemies caught in the explosion are primed for insta-kills if they’re not dead. If they aren’t Tanks themselves, they likely are or are close to it.

D.Va can also eject from Tokki when it’s at low health. She can even use Self-Destruct after ejecting, leaving a nasty surprise for enemies hungry for the kill.

Playing D.Va in Overwatch

As a Tank hero, you’ll typically be at the front lines protecting teammates and drawing attention. Your teammates can take advantage of your distracting actions and land a pivotal kill. D.Va can afford to take hits due to Tokki’s durability, trading damage with the opponents.

As Self-Destruct has a sizeable explosive radius, we recommend launching the mech at large groups of enemies, especially weakened foes. That will increase your chances of scoring multiple kills from one mech.

Some D.Va players may not know how to use Defensive Matrix efficiently. Use it in short bursts instead of holding the button to make the most out of this ability. Remember to keep some of its energy handy to protect teammates, especially healers.

Also, the Fusion Cannon has unlimited ammo, but be careful when using it. Heroes like Genji can easily deflect the shots and kill their teammates instead. You also slow your movements and notify enemies of your position with constant fire. It’s better to shoot only when you must.

As with all heroes in Overwatch, always coordinate with teammates in a fight. Your role is more protection to draw fire than to rush in. Nevertheless, be prepared to jump in when others say so.

Defense and Offense

Skilled D.Va players will know when to alternate between offense and defense, harassing the enemy team with tricky flanks and suppressive fire. Her playstyle focuses on perfect timing, and that only comes with experience. Even if she loses her MEKA, she must stay alive and call for another one.

Do you enjoy playing D.Va in Overwatch? What do you like about her? Let us know in the comments section below.

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