5 Best Ways To Survive In The Nether in Minecraft (2022)


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The Nether is an eerie dimension in Minecraft that is quite difficult to be in, especially for players in survival mode. Players can easily make one wrong move and fall into the lava pools below or get obliterated by the hostile mobs swarming everywhere. However, the more they explore the Nether dimension, the more the players will learn a few tips and tricks to stay alive in this hellish dimension in Minecraft.

5 Best Ways To Survive In The Nether in Minecraft (2022)

But to complete the main questline of the game and continue with the progress, players must venture into the Nether whether they like it or not. This is because players must locate a nether fortress in the Nether and defeat blazes that drop blaze rods that are required to craft the ender’s eyes. This item will allow players to track down a sporadic underground structure called the stronghold that contains the end portal to travel to the end location of the story.

Ultimately, it is inevitable for players to traverse the Nether, and learning a thing or two about how to survive in it will help you in the long run.

5. Do not attack zombified piglins

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When a zombified piglin is angered, the normal piglin mobs do not get aggressive, and vice versa. However, attacking a zombified piglin will trigger every other zombified piglins in the area to attack the player. This will create a horde of unending aggressive zombified piglins chasing the player. So to keep their passive state, it is better to be safe and prevent yourself from attacking one accidentally or not.

Unlike other zombie variants, zombified piglins do not attack players, villagers, and wandering traders. This is because they are naturally passive and will only become aggressive when attacked—making these zombie-variant mobs classified as neutral mobs in the game. Piglins or piglin brutes that are zombified have the same amount of damage output as a normal zombified piglin. They also get the same health as a normal zombified piglin. Piglins or piglin brutes that are zombified cannot turn back to a piglin or piglin brute, meaning once a piglin or a piglin brute is zombified, it stays zombified until killed or despawned.

4. Create fully covered bridges

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The Nether dimension is filled with pools of lava from miles on end. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to get across from one area to the next because of how vast these lava pools are. So most players usually create bridges to traverse the Nether. However, players do not consider the existence of hostile mobs, especially aggressive ones such as ghasts.

Ghasts are large floating hostile mobs that shoot fireballs at players on sight. But what makes them even more terrifying is that their fireballs can damage structures depending on what kind of blocks they are made of.

The best solution to prevent yourself from getting shot at while crossing your newly constructed bridge is to create your bridge with a full-on cover. This will allow you to safely traverse the Nether and prevent yourself from being seen by a wandering ghast, which will ultimately prevent them from seeing and attacking you.

3. Secure your nether portals

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A nether portal is a player’s primary gateway to freely traverse the Nether and the Overworld. So, it is a well-known fact that players should safely secure their nether portals in either dimension. You can try creating them in rooms, build walls around them, or connect them with iron doors—just make sure that there is no mob access to the portals on either side. These techniques are tried and tested. Hence, they will keep the nether portals secure.

Keeping the portals secure is important because although it is a player’s primary gateway to the Nether, it isn’t only accessible to players and to mobs. Any entity that passes through the portal will teleport to the next dimension. So to prevent yourself from dealing with stray piglins in the Overworld, it is better to create a fully secured nether portal, especially the portal inside the Nether.

2. Block piglins off before opening chests

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Piglins are hostile mobs that naturally spawn in the Nether. They usually will attack any player on sight.

However, one unique trait of the piglins is their love for gold. They love gold so much that they are even willing to barter special items in exchange for the gold items in your inventory. And especially inside a bastion remnant where gold can be found inside chests, the piglins will do anything to prevent the player from stealing any of their gold.

The best method to prevent the piglins from attacking you is to create a barrier and block the piglins off before you open any chests. The exact process applies to mining gold blocks, especially when near piglins. This is a super helpful tip for those looking to explore the bastion remnant. If you accidentally open the chest without fully covering yourself, fully protect yourself and then hide until the piglin are no longer angry. When you come out, they will not attack you.

1. Always bring fire resistance potions

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Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft is something you should keep in hand at all times when you feel like exploring uncharted territories in the Nether dimension, mainly if those territories include fire, lava, and chances of you getting burned. As the name suggests, this potion grants you immunity against fire for a short duration.

In Minecraft, when a player is caught on fire, the damage it deals to the player’s health will tick per second. This means that until the flame is put out, the player will continue to receive wear, which can even result in death. And seeing as the Nether itself is filled with fire and pools of lava, fire resistance potions may be your best bet to prevent yourself from accidentally burning to death. That said, you should carry with you a fire resistance potion or two when traversing the Nether.


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