5 Easy Starter Base Designs in Minecraft



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An easy-to-build Minecraft starter base is great for new players and anyone looking for a simple but creative building project. Here are the top 5 easy starter base designs in Minecraft.

5 Easy Starter Base Designs in Minecraft

Once you have started a new survival game, one of the first things is to build a base. You will need to gather enough wood, stones, and other resources to prepare yourself for the incoming dangers of nighttime and in what lurks in the dark. Your only means of survival? Build a base. A well-designed and strategically placed base will be completely impenetrable from all the hostile mobs that will come and attack you in the overworld.

Your first base will almost always be just a small and simple squared box enough only to keep the enemies at bay and get you through the night safely. And for some players, that might be enough. But for others looking to improve their bases and build a more stylish one, this article will show you five classy but straightforward base ideas that will step up your game and get you to make yourself an elegant, resource-efficient, and strategically designed base in Minecraft.

Wooden Cabin

A warm fireplace, a soft bed, and a small cozy cabin by the lake—nothing could be more perfect. This wooden cabin build is compact, resource-efficient, and perfect for every player’s starter base in Minecraft. You may also build this as a temporary base when you are out farming for resources or traveling long distances. When you are away from your main base, this can be a pit stop in the field as your very own tiny recluse. Chop down a few trees to gather some logs for this small Minecraft build, and you’ll get your very own cabin in the woods.

Mountain Base

A structure built inside the mountain is perfect as a secret base, and it is also a cool way to make a starter base in Minecraft. This mountain base may require more pickaxes than most builds, but the result is always worth it. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it also makes a great base as you can potentially expand more rooms as much as you want deeper inside the mountain. All while gathering cobblestones, coal, iron, and more resources along the way.

Lake House

A house by the lake is another effective base build strategy. It can be made entirely out of wooden planks, logs, and a few cobblestones. Only a few other resources are required to complete this lake house which makes it resource-efficient, practical, and easy to build for beginners in Minecraft. It also makes a great starter base as it is strategically located floating just above the water. Hostile mobs such as creepers and zombies cannot come near your base so long as it is lit well enough.

Log House

An elevated log house is perfect as a starter base for every beginner. There is a lot of space and room for decorating as it features two floors with more room for improvement. The space beneath the house may serve as a crop farm to help self-sustain rookie players in Minecraft. And as a house made of wood, it is a resource-efficient build that can be very helpful, especially when players are only starting out in the game.

Modern Bungalow

A small single-story base with a modern twist. This Minecraft starter base is fit for those players who are looking to build their modern-styled suburban house. Some materials may vary depending on the availability of the player’s current resources, but this is still perfect as a starter base with room for more improvement. Overall, it is aesthetically pleasing to look at, slightly resource-efficient, and practical as a base in Minecraft for rookies and veterans alike.

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