How To Catch the Giant Sea Bass in Coral Island


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Here’s how to catch the elusive Giant Sea Bass on Coral Island!

How To Catch the Giant Sea Bass in Coral Island

There are plenty of fun activities on Coral Island, fishing being one of them. Fishing allows you to collect fish that can be used for various purposes. Like most farming sims, fish can be sold, cooked, or gifted to other NPCs. It’s a relatively easy chore, but some fish on Coral Island are more slippery than others.

The Giant Sea Bass is one of the game’s most challenging catches. It’s a legendary type of fish that only spawns on the island in certain conditions. Below, we will show you where and when you can find the Giant Sea Bass, including some tips on how to catch them.

Where to catch the Giant Sea Bass in Coral Island

An image of the map in Coral Island.

The Giant Sea Bass appears in Starlet Town during the fall season. It can be found in the Ocean Forest, next to the Giant Village and west of your farm.

The legendary fish doesn’t come out at a specific time or in a specific weather. But try to catch it from Fall 1 to 7, as it will be gone the day after that.

Tips on catching the Giant Sea Bass

The image shows the player fishing in the Ocean (Forest).
Source: NAZakiya (YouTube)

Need help landing a big one? With these techniques, you’ll surely be able to obtain fish that are difficult to catch. Here’s how you can do it:

Upgrade your fishing pole

Upgrading your fishing pole to an Osmium Quality can provide several benefits. For instance, the Osmium Fishing Pole requires less energy and has a long casting line. This can help you catch the most challenging fish in the ocean, like the Giant Sea Bass! Using Bait on your fishing pole can also significantly increase your chances of acquiring them.

Observe its pattern

Every hooked fish has a different swim pattern or behavior as it tries to escape. The three patterns are Circle, Star, and Straight. Some fish tend to swim around in a circle. Others swim back and forth in a straight line. Observing the fish’s swim pattern can help you identify the type of fish you’re reeling in. The Giant Sea Bass has a star swim pattern, so you’ll likely see it flailing around and moving in jagged lines when it gets hooked.

Wait for it to calm down

Speaking of flailing around, fish in this game usually panic or get hysterical after biting the hook, resulting in the fishing line snapping. To avoid this from happening, after getting a bite, you may tap the Use Tool button once while it’s trashing about. Remember to wait for the fishing rod to stop wiggling before reeling in your catch.

Reset the day if unsuccessful

Normally, in games like Coral Island, there are days when certain tasks or activities might not yield favorable results due to bad luck. You may reset the day for a better outcome if you fail to catch the Giant Sea Bass. This is an effective trick if you miss the chance to obtain the previously mentioned fish, which you can only encounter in the fall season.

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Uses of Giant Sea Bass

A screenshot of the Lake Temple in Starlet Town.

The Giant Sea Bass is a challenging catch but worth getting as it offers plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Lake Offering: The Giant Sea Bass is one of the items required to complete the Rare Fish Offering in the Catch Altar.
  • Museum Donation: Donate the fish to the museum to increase the town’s ranking and receive rewards.
  • Gifting: Bree and Eleanor will appreciate receiving the Giant Sea Bass as a gift.
  • Fish Pond: Giant Sea Bass can be multiplied if placed in a fish pond.
  • Selling: The lowest price you can sell the Giant Sea Bass is 845 coral coins, while the highest is a whopping 2,113.


Fishing in farming sim games may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an important activity that allows you to acquire important items such as the Giant Sea Bass. Whether you need the Giant Sea Bass to progress in the game or for gifting purposes, you can follow the tips we’ve laid out above to become better anglers.

Thankfully, the mini-game becomes easy once you’ve learned the fishing basics. So start leveling up your fishing skills to become proficient in catching all kinds of aquatic creatures in Coral Island!

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